‘Woke’ mob goes after Dublin music shop over alleged support of “transphobic” tweets

Dublin music shop, All City Records, has issued what was described as a “grovelling” apology after accusations were made that the shop’s official twitter account had been used to like “terfs/transphobic” content. 

District Magazine said it wrote to the shop where it demanded to know “if the person who liked the tweets is a member of staff and do they still work there?”

The discussion began after art director Vicky Langen reportedly tweeted her ‘extreme disappointment’ saying that the “behaviour” had been ‘going on for such a long time’.

All City Records was also accused of “engaging in activity incongruous to the values of dance/electronic music”.


The liking of a Gript article about the effectiveness of face masks and tweets by JK Rowling were what was deemed “terfs/transphobic” content leading All City Records responded to post an apology.

Langen is supported by the Music Capital Scheme which is funded by The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht as part of Music Network which is in turn funded by The Arts Council of Ireland. 


District Magazine – whose director Craig Connelly said that the marriage referendum and repealing the eighth amendment were “watershed moments” for him and his team – says it emailed the shop asking for confirmation on whether All City Records “categorically support the rights of trans people”, and whether “given that trans people have always existed” to clarify what was meant by “we endeavour to understand the new paradigms of diversity”. 

The shop was also reportedly asked what actions it was taking to “rectify the situation” and how it could “ensure that trans people and others from all backgrounds feel welcome in the store.”

A representative of the  besieged local business respond with the following,

“I hope you can appreciate that the last few days have been a very intense stressful time for everyone here in the shop and it’s something we’re still deeply reflecting on. I really don’t feel like I’m in the best headspace to do an interview about it or answer a list of questions by 5pm today.”

“We are working on the next steps for All City. We are reaching out to people for dialogue and we are open to suggestions and available to listen. I am of the deep view that our actions from hereon in will speak louder than any statement I would be able to make right now.  We are not taking it lightly, we want to get it right. We’re fully committed to doing whatever needs to be done to make sure All City feels like a safer, more approachable place for all.”

Twitter users expressed their frustration at the apology with one user tweeting, “Never apologise to the mob. Never show them weakness. Apologies mean nothing to them.”

Another user replied, “As the replies demonstrate, you can never prostrate yourself enough for those who enjoy their power over you.”

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