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Willie O’Dea TD says scrap all Covid restrictions and Covid pass 

One of Fianna Fáil’s longest serving TDs has called for an end to all Covid restrictions including the Covid vaccine pass.

Former Minister for Defence, Limerick TD Willie O’DEA, today tweeted that “We need to remove all Covid restrictions as hospital and ICU figures have remained stable as a result of high levels of vaccination and natural immunity.”

He said that pubs, restaurants and hotels should get back to normal, and the Covid pass abandoned.

“Hospitality businesses should now be allowed to operate as normal & the use of the covid pass should be abandoned,” wrote Deputy O’Dea.

The poll-topping TD also declared that Ireland needed to follow the lead of Spain and start treating Covid as endemic – as a disease with a predictable path.

“I have urged the Taoiseach and Min for Health to remove all Covid restrictions, as with the Omicron variant there is no rationale for them. We need to follow the lead of Spain and start dealing with Covid as an endemic disease rather than a pandemic,” he wrote.

As reported on Gript last week, Spain has moved to finalise plans to begin treating Covid-19 surveillance in the same manner as it would the flu. While the number of Omicron cases continue to rocket, the authorities believe that this is a milder variant that doesn’t justify a continued lockdown.

The official figures from the Irish authorities show that the case-fatality rate from Omicron was 0.00% on the week to up to 31st December 20

The numbers, released by the COVID-19 Epidemiology Team of the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) on the 6th of January indicate that Omicron is the mild variant it was flagged to be from early indications in other countries.

While there were 65,044 cases of Omicron recorded by the Irish health service, just 381 – or 0.6% of cases – were hospitalized according to the HPSC. And just 7 cases – or 0.01% of the total, or one in 10,000  – were sent to the ICU.

The report also shows that the number of deaths was so low that the Case Fatality Ratio – the percentage of cases that died – could be recorded at 0.00%.

Covid passes look likely to be scrapped in the UK this month as the Omicron wave eases. The Covid-19 variant has been described as “mild” almost since it was first spotted by doctors working in the field.


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