Will the U.S. shoot down Chinese Spy Balloon over Montana?

A Chinese Spy Balloon which was first spotted in Billings, Montana is being monitored by the Pentagon who believe it is flying over sensitive areas to collect information.

A video shot by Montana resident Chase Doak went viral after he spotted the high-altitude balloon and posted footage online.

It was then confirmed by other reporters.


Intelligence experts believe that spy balloons, which found favour during the Cold War but were largely then replaced by satellites, may now be back in use because of the development of technology that enables balloons to carry a much smaller payload. This makes the balloon “low signature” as well as being smaller and cheaper.

It has also been noted that Montana and nearby states are home to intercontinental ballistic missile silos and strategic bomber bases operated by the United States.

To date, the military has decided not to shoot the balloon – which is reportedly the size of three busses – down, because of fears that debris might cause harm in populated areas.

Popular commentator for Fox News, Tucker Carlson, says that the balloon should be shot down, and asked if the authorities were “completely impotent”.

One person on Twitter had a humorous take on why the Biden administration had not taken action.


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