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Why is a huge city like Tokyo so much safer than Dublin?

For some time now a lot of discourse in Ireland has revolved around issues related to public safety with a particular focus on that of women and girls. 

As Gript previously reported sexual assault rates increased by a shocking 75% over the ten year period from 2011 to 2021 and looking at recent news reports this trend doesn’t appear to be getting better. 

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Rupert Pollock
17 days ago

They have common decency and respect for others. Old fashioned ideals like manners and respect of the elderly, who are considered wise.

Gavin smartt
17 days ago

They still understand the concept of shame. Probably because they live with the whole family unit for the most part.

16 days ago

It’s 50 years since I was last in Tokyo, but I distinctly remember the police kiosks (koban), manned by a single policeman, but one for every neighbourhood. They were ubiquitous in those days, and Ireland could do well to copy the idea.

17 days ago

Simple they can hold you indefinitely until you admit to the crime they suspect you of commiting with very little to no evidence and they still have hanging as a punishment. But you’ll hear very little about it because they own America’s debts

John Kelly
15 days ago

Japanese people are genetically disposed notcto commit violence. They also have not admitted violent ethnic groups into their country.

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