Why do we need an NGO to deliver “excellent public service” when we have a public service?

The Centre for Effective Services (CES) is one of the NGOs that would not exist had it not been pumped and primed by Atlantic Philanthropies. It also serves as an exemplar of how such an entity can then manage to graft itself on to the public life support system. 

Lest you think I overegg the pudding with regard to either, the CES itself recognised, in the course of paying tribute to the late Chuck Feeney, that it was “the generosity of Mr Feeney which helped to establish our organisation in 2008.” Chief Executive Officer Inez Bailey said that “we are all better off as a result of Chuck Feeney’s support.” 

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Jerry M
11 days ago

So board members not paid for their time on the board .. but one does wonder how many times their services are called upon by ither arms of the state that more than makes up for time spent voluntarily
This is of course wild speculation on my side and I am almost certainly wrong ..

11 days ago

The NGO sector funded by the Irish Taxpayer at an estimate of $10 Billion is the pig trough that keeps on giving to the Vultures of Irish Society.,
They consist mainly of representatives of minority interests , ideologues,whose intent is to undermine the Social fabric of Ireland ,with Open Borders, perversion of children with radical sexual indocrination practices and behaviour.,demonisation of those who practice Christianity and Free Speech .
The Regime has gone rogue and uses the NGO’s to further extreme liberal views which are destructive to the peace and security of the Nation.
It is clear that the Regime does not represent the People of Ireland and are at war with it.
They posses all the powers of the State, to progress this war. and have not been shy to use it, Be it the Army erecting the phoney Covid tents on the Dublin Quays,corralling returning Irish travellers in purdah in Hotels during Covid.
The Gardai bullying and using violence against protesters, using the questionable Public Order act to intimidate People,
The Supreme Court failing the Constitution in the Waters /Doherty Judicial Review case.
A puppet RTE/Media that propagandises for the Regime and hides its failures
Ireland exhibits all the characteristics of a Fascist State under a despotic and tyrannical Regime, who support a collapsing neo–Nazi Regime in Kiev..
Hubris in Power inevitably results in Nemesis , hasten the day to free the subjugated People of Ireland from this cancerous Regime.

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