Watch: What RTE isn’t showing you from the American protests

Here are a collection of clips that you will not see, under any circumstances, on RTE, or in the Irish Times, or in the Independent, or on the Journal, where the only story of the American protests is that it’s a peaceful demonstration by black Americans against police brutality.

It’s not.

Rioters smashed up cars used to take disabled children to school:

A woman in New York was beaten to within an inch of her life while trying to protect her business:

Here are some looters in Portland, Oregon, smashing up a business:

Rioters attacking a car, in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

Widespread looting, in New York City:

Four police officers shot, in St Louis, Missouri:

Protestors attack police officers, running them over with a car, in Buffalo, New York:

More looting in New York:

A white woman abuses a black police officer, in Chicago:

Rioters burn a homeless person’s belongings, from Texas:

A black woman talks about the impact of the violence on her, in Minneapolis. She says she wishes she was dead:

A man is brutally assaulted by rioters in Portland, Oregon:

Protestors put a man in hospital with critical injuries after he tries to defend a bar in Texas:

And finally, an Irish Times journalist reacts to the news that President Trump has decided to call on the armed forces to restore order, Ireland:

As always, with the Irish media, you are getting one side of the story. And one side of it only.

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