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‘We’re not a safe haven from Corona Virus’: Achill Island slams behaviour of ‘out-of-towners’ 

Locals on Achill Island have expressed dismay and concern at the behaviour of visitors at the weekend who are failing to observe social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Achill Island is not a safe haven from the Corona Virus”, residents wrote on the beauty spot’s Twitter account yesterday, pointing out that the community was “top-heavy” with vulnerable elderly people.

“Over the past ten day we have seen the arrival of an enormous amount of out-of-towners. Some are showing such disregard for the guidelines laid down by the health officials and government bodies. Large groups gathering on our beaches, play parks, greenway, tourist attractions/sights.  You are not on holidays! ”  the residents’ account observed.


Locals in Achill said that visitors were not observing social distance and were being careless about the impact of their actions on others.

“Keep your children out of our local shops. Till operators have families they go home to many of them elderly parents. Your actions have consequences. If this virus takes hold here then the whole landscape of our Island will change,” they cautioned.


During a weekend which saw tens of thousands of people flout social distancing throughout the country, Achill Island had a stark message for visitors.

“If you are going to stay here then isolate yourself. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands.We have 2 doctors surgeries. If you get sick where will you be in the queue? Our nearest hospital is 70km away.

And they warned: “The guidelines laid down are the same on Achill Island as they are where you come from. If you came here to avoid Covid 19 then you are mistaken. We are not immune.”


Some felt their warnings had fallen on deaf ears.



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