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Weekly Texas no-lockdown update: Yup, still no Covid surge

That flat line in the graph below represents cases in the State of Texas over the past thirty days. Texas lifted its lockdown, mask mandate, and all covid restrictions…. Nearly sixty days ago.

In Ireland, you’ll recall, the alleged symptoms of our “going wild at Christmas” (which is now an unchallengeable part of our national history, whether it’s true or false) manifested themselves within about 14 days of the decision to open up, which means that if you’re in the “Texas will pay for this yet, mark my words!!” camp, as so many are, then you’re rapidly running out of time to be right.

What’s more, the second problem, which is that states with restrictions in place are actually doing worse than states with no restrictions, is getting worse, per this report from Fox News, which, being Fox News, makes it all about Republicans and Democrats:

Republican-led states including Texas and Florida are reporting fewer coronavirus cases than Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York — all of which are led by prominent Democrats who refuse to roll back COVID-19 regulations and statewide mask mandates, according to CDC data.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was widely criticized by the left after he completely reversed the state’s mandate on March 10 and fully reopened his state. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was also accused of endangering Florida residents when he allowed businesses to fully reopen in September without a mask mandate in place.

While both states managed to keep case positivity rates down and begin the long road to economic recovery, Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan — who are still bound to ongoing restrictions — have led the daily increase in COVID-19 cases.

The bottom line here is that nobody knows exactly why Texas, Florida, and Mississippi are doing so well with no restrictions while other states that have restrictions in place are doing so poorly by comparison. The only real difference between those states – aside from the lockdown policies – is the weather, and as we approach May, those differences are easing significantly. But cases continue to surge in lockdown states, and ease in those where people are allowed to live normally.

One day, in years to come, we’ll figure out what was going on. For now, we can only point out the facts. Texas and places like it are doing something right, and something very different to what everyone else is doing.

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