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WATCH: “If someone finds something offensive, it’s a crime” police tell preacher

An exchange between a street preacher and British police is attracting international attention for the statement made relating to the criminality of ‘offensive’ remarks.

According to the organisation Christian Concern, Joshua Sutcliffe, a Christian preacher was warned and told by police at Oxford Circus, London, that it is now a crime to offend someone.

“I just had a call that someone was offended by something you said,” the police constable is seen saying as he approached Mr Sutcliffe.

“If someone finds something offensive, regardless of what you think, it’s a crime, there can be a crime there,” the constable spelled out to the preacher.

“I don’t want anyone else to be offended,” he continued, to which Mr Sutcliffe replied that while people might be offended “that was the nature of free speech”.

“It’s an offence if someone finds something offensive,” the policeman reiterated. “If its racial, if its against someone’s sexuality”.

The preacher asked if he was allowed to say “that homosexuality is wrong”.

It depends what you’re saying,” replied the policeman “but if I hear something and I don’t think it’s right I’ll act upon it.”

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