WATCH: Protests across the country on immigration policy at weekend

Protests continue to take place across the country as local groups react to what they see as the government’s mishandling of the immigration crisis. Over the weekend, demonstrations took place in Drogheda, Ardee, Kilkenny, Offaly  – while a large crowd blocked traffic at RTÉ.

The policy of opening migrant centres in areas without consulting local people has caused widespread anger, as has news that thousands of migrants arrive in Ireland with “false or no” documentation but are then permitted to apply for asylum.

In Ardee, locals protested on Saturday, saying they were opposed to the effects of “unvetted mass immigration” in the Co Louth town.

Credit: Garrett Murphy

In Drogheda, a Sunday protest at the Peace  Bridge heard that neither housing nor services were available for rising numbers of new arrivals.

A counter protest attempted to seize the banner but it was retrieved within minutes.

East Wall Says No spokesman, Malachy Steenson said: ““The simple fact is that we do not have the capacity to take in any more people. We’ve 100,000 children waiting on medical health assessments. “We’ve overcrowded schoolrooms.”

“We have a huge shortage of houses. We are telling our own young people that they can be educated here and then they can get on a plane because they can’t buy or rent somewhere to live,” he said.

In Bundoran, protesters claimed that Irish people were being overlooked in regard to housing and service provision.

Credit: Mouse

Protests also took place in Kilcormac in Offaly, and in Kilkenny opposing plans for migrant centres.


Credit: Dark Rosaleen


Credit: Luke O’Connor 

A large crowd also blocked traffic on the dual carriageway outside RTE on Saturday, claiming that the station was unfair in its coverage of the issue and of the protests.

Credit: Alan Sweeney

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