WATCH: “No doubt these are explosions”: Sabotage suspected in Russian gas pipe

Gas crisis

Russia has said that it cannot rule out sabotage as leaks from its Nord Stream pipes used to transport gas to Germany continued to cause serious concern in Danish and Swedish  waters.

Polish sources said they suspected foul play and that the leaks were an act of sabotage.

Footage released by the Danish Defence Forces show dramatic gas bubbles rising to the surface of the sea measuring 100m in diameter.

The gas bubbles, located along three leaks on the gas pipelines, are likely to continue for several days, the Danish energy authority said. Two leaks have been confirmed at Nord Stream 1 and in Nord Stream 2.

Nord Stream 2 has not been in use because of sanctions imposed by the EU after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and tension over the Russian supply of gas to a heavily-dependent Europe through Nord Stream 1 has led to spiraling gas prices, which saw a reversal today of a decline that had begun after months of sharp rises.

The Kremlin said “No option can be ruled out right now,”  when asked about the possibility of sabotage. Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the pipe leaks were “very concerning news”.

Sweden’s national seismology centre said its stations recorded “powerful subsea blasts” where the gas leaks occurred – and that the explosions were the equivalent of a magnitude-2.3 earthquake.

Bjorn Lund, a Swedish seismologist told the national broadcaster: “There is no doubt that these were explosions.”

German newspaper, Spiegel, said that the U.S. agency, the C.I.A., had warned Germany ‘weeks ago’ about possible attacks on gas pipelines citing unnamed sources.

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