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WATCH: Meet Italy’s new Prime Minister

As generally predicted, the Italian general election has returned a majority for the right bloc led by Fratelli d’Italia.

The final distribution of seats has not yet been declared but the alliance will have enough seats to form a government. The most significant aspect of the election is the performance of Fratelli which took around 25% of the votes.

This will mean that Italy will now have its first female Prime Minister in Giorgia Meloni. There is much fretting and speculation among most of the other governments in Europe and this is reflected in the hand wringing across mainstream media. As we pointed out on Saturday, what almost none of them will do is tell people what Fratelli d’Italia stand for.

Perhaps then, there is no better and succinct way to expand on this than to allow Georgia Meloni to speak for herself. And there is little to add to American commentator Aaron Ginn’s appraisal.

Now this is what would get me out on polling day, and indeed in any election campaign that I believed would elect someone who embodies these values.

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