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WATCH: McGrath slams “political ploys” as a “cover” for exploitation of Vulnerable Nursing Home Patients

Tipperary TD, Mattie Mc Grath, has slammed the Fanning Report on Irish Nursing Home Overcharging as a “political ploy” which he said was being used to “to shield Government from responsibility” and had a “deliberate focus on providing political cover for Cabinet Ministers rather than finding justice for those who were wronged.”

Speaking in the Dáil, the Independent TD said that the “recent exposure of the Nursing Home Charges Scandal in Ireland has shocked the nation and raised serious concerns about the actions of successive governments, institutions, and semi-state bodies. This controversy, stretching over 30 years, highlights the endless list of scandals that have plagued our country, including the contaminated blood transfusion debacle, the cervical cancer checks scandal, the mother and baby homes/Magdalene laundries scandals, and many more.”


“The government’s response to these scandals, marked by denial, delay, and refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing in a transparent and expedient manner, has only added to the hurt and anger caused by the delays in compensating victims and the use of litigation strategies and confidentiality clauses.”

“The Nursing Home Charges Scandal, which was covered up for decades by successive governments, resulted in elderly citizens in publicly funded nursing homes being subjected to excessive and unjust charges for their care. The overcharging of patients, which began in the 1970s, continued to increase over the years, with some patients being required to pay thousands of euros each year. This was a huge burden for many, particularly for those who were already struggling to make ends meet.”

“The exposure of this issue by whistle-blower, Mr. Shane Corr, has brought the true extent of the charges and the impact they had on the lives of patients to light. The overcharging of vulnerable patients was a violation of their rights and an abuse of trust in the state. The fact that it was covered up by successive governments only added to the hurt and anger of those affected.”

“We now know that over 300 legal cases have been taken related to the state’s handling of nursing home fees and that successive governments have applied a strategy to deny refunds to those who were illegally charged nursing home fees. The state faced the prospect of €12bn in compensation for hundreds of thousands of families wrongly charged for the care of their loved ones over a 30-year period. This is a scandal that demands immediate action and accountability.”

“The Nursing Home Charges Scandal in Ireland is a wrong and devastating exploitation of some of the most vulnerable members of society, and the fact that it was covered up by successive governments only adds to the hurt and anger of those affected,” he said.

“Now, the Fanning report appears to be another calculated move to deflect criticism from the government and to absolve the state of any responsibility for the overcharging scandal. The reports cold, calculated tone and lack of empathy for the victims demonstrate a disturbing disregard for the well-being of the most vulnerable citizens in the state.”

“I again call on the government to take responsibility for their actions and ensure that all those affected, by the nursing home charging and disability allowance payments scandals, are compensated in a timely and fair manner, and are provided with the truth,” concluded Deputy Mc Grath.

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