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WATCH: Mattie McGrath says Govt handing away hard-won sovereignty

'To EU and globalists'

Tipperary TD, Mattie McGrath, has accused the government of handing over Ireland’s “hard-won freedoms and sovereignty” to the “EU and international globalists.”

He made his remarks after an Taoiseach, Micheál Martin told the Dáil that he had discussed an array of issues at a special meeting of the European Council including sanctions and aid to Ukraine.

The Independent TD said he had “questions about the Taoiseach’s nine-page speech, in which he did not say much about his cheerleading last week for the European Council to agree to turn off all the Russian gas.”


“Will our Government protect the hard-won freedoms and sovereignty of our people and our foreparents? Will it continue to hand away our freedoms to the EU and international globalists, namely, the World Economic Forum and the WHO?” Deputy McGrath asked.

“That is the question I have for the Taoiseach, who would not even stay in the Chamber for the debate. How can we as a nation protect our sovereignty and independence while, at the same time, we act as cheerleaders in the EU? We are not neutral any more, as far as this war is concerned, or anything like it,” he said.

“Members of the Government should not cod themselves by thinking we are. It is as if they think we are a mighty power. We are a small, independent state. We should be treated like that and respected as a neutral country, as we always were. We should not hand back the keys to our country to European globalists at every opportunity. It is nothing short of disgraceful.”

An Taoiseach had told the Dáil that at the European Council: “we discussed the need to cut Russia’s oil and gas revenue and agreed a significant new sixth package of sanctions. We reaffirmed our intention to continue to support Ukraine in addressing humanitarian liquidity and reconstruction needs, including through new macro-financial assistance of up to €9 billion in 2022.”

However, Deputy McGrath said that Ireland was ceding too much power to the EU.

“It is a total sell-out and clean-out similar to when we were supposed to be bailed out by the European banks. We were cleaned out and robbed and we are now handing over the keys. The Taoiseach is proud to do that. He wants a big job in Europe. The sooner he goes there the better,” he said.


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