Waitrose threatens to stop delivering to women over behavior in ‘trans’ row

British Youtuber Kellie-Jay Keen has said Waitrose threatened to ‘stop delivering to her’ after she had an alleged verbal altercation with a member of their delivery staff. 

Keen said that on Sunday the 8th of May a delivery person, who appeared to her as “a man with long hair,” came to her property and proceeded to question her about a business sign she had displayed on her property saying ‘woman-adult-female.studio’, and ‘woman-adult-female.store’.

Keen said the delivery person, who she says she later noticed used a female name, questioned her about the nature of her business signs. She answered by saying “I run a campaign defending women’s rights; women’s spaces just for women and girls.”

Keen claims the person then said,  “That means trans women are women as well right?

To which she replied’ “ Well no, trans women are men.”

The person then said,  “Oh no definitely not, I’m not a man”. Keen said, “Well I would say you were.”

Keen said she pleaded with the delivery person not to use women’s spaces as it “makes myself, my daughter, vulnerable women, and many women feel uncomfortable”.

She says the person then laughed saying that he felt uncomfortable in the men’s room and assured her that he would continue to use the same spaces as her teenage daughter saying: “That’s where I belong”.

At this point Keen says she ‘asked the man to leave her property’ to which he replied he would ‘take his time’.

Keen said she used some “quite colourful” language when making the request.

She said she didn’t make a complaint about the interaction but later received a letter from waitrose delivery service saying that it had received a report saying she “ used abusive language towards one of our partners”, it continues  “we take the welfare of our partners very seriously (and) do not tolerate that sort of behavior.  If we receive any further reports of abusive behavior we will have no option to stop delivering to your address.”

Keen says trans men are not female and encourages women to speak up when they are made uncomfortable by biological men using female only spaces like toilets and changing rooms. She says she has been female since she was conceived and describes herself saying “I am not a gender critical anything, I am not a feminist, I am a woman: adult human female. I am a Mother and I am a wife.”

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