Video: Northern Ireland’s youngest driver

Possibly a misleading headline, knowing the border counties as I do. Not quite “Northern Ireland’s youngest driver” – more “Northern Ireland’s youngest driver recorded on video so far”.

Warning, mute the volume if you don’t like bad language:

Jokes aside, this is, of course, both a disgrace, and a crime. The PSNI are investigating:

The clip, which was apparently shared on Snapchat, is understood to have been filmed on the M1 motorway near Dungannon.

It shows a young boy in the driver’s seat of a lorry cab, apparently steering the vehicle as it drives along the motorway.

A male is audible in the background talking to the child.

The PSNI confirmed it was making inquiries into the incident.

The border counties are famous for their levels of co-operation with the police, of course, so they should have the irresponsible passenger locked up in a jiffy.

Driving below the legal age isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or an immensely dangerous thing, in some circumstances. My own father let me drive a small tractor from about the age of ten or eleven. But that was on our own land, miles away from the motorway. The dangerous thing here isn’t the steering – the child could presumably manage that all right. But the brake pedals on a HGV require a small bit of strength, and decently long legs. If that Lorry had to stop suddenly for some reason, we could have been looking at carnage.

What kind of person puts a child in charge of a machine that large, around other people, and shouts abuse at them while they do so, too?

Not one who should be in charge of either a lorry, or a child, is the answer.

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