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Shame: Venezuela unopposed for seat on UN Human Rights Council

I suppose they’ll fit right in. The current members, after all, include Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China, Somalia, Pakistan, and Nigeria

For those of you unfamiliar with the crisis in Venezuela, a useful recap from the UN itself, in a report from July of this year:

The new report ends this charade, documenting “grave violations of economic, social, civil, political and cultural rights.” It states that “many” of the “thousands” of Venezuelans killed since 2018 have been victims of “extrajudicial executions.” The “majority” of the more than 15,000 individuals detained by the government since 2014 have been subjected to “tortures” of different types. Shortages of food, medicine, electricity, and other basic necessities are documented. We are talking about conditions comparable to, and in some cases worse than, the notorious South American military dictatorships of the 1970s.

The Venezuelan regime, which has, by any measure, impoverished and brutalised the country, is of course endorsed by Sinn Fein here at home. Speaking about former President Hugo Chavez, who of course founded the murderous Government that rules today, Gerry Adams said:

“President Chávez worked tirelessly to improve the lives of Venezuelan citizens. He dedicated himself to building a new and radical society in Venezuela.

His progressive social and economic changes took millions out of poverty. He extended free health care and education for all citizens and his re-election last year with a huge majority was testimony to his vision.”

Well, that’s one way of thinking about it, I suppose, but it’s also a lie. Before Chavez came to power, Venezuela was amongst the richest countries in South America. When he died, back in 2013, it was well on the road to becoming a basket case. At the time of his death Chavez himself was reputedly the richest man in South America. There’s money in socialism.

Since then, of course, things have only gotten worse. As the New York Times says, it is a socialist catastrophe:

Government overspending created catastrophic deficits when oil prices plummeted. Worker co-ops wound up in the hands of incompetent and corrupt political cronies. The government responded to its budgetary problems by printing money, leading to inflation. Inflation led to price controls, leading to shortages. Shortages led to protests, leading to repression and the destruction of democracy. Thence to widespread starvationcritical medical shortages, an explosion in crime, and a refugee crisis to rival Syria’s.

Widespread starvation, medical shortages, and a refugee crisis. Add to that the Government shooting its own citizens on a widespread basis, and you have…… the perfect candidate for the UN Human Rights council?

It’s time we faced up to it: The UN is a joke. The fact that this organisation is given, voluntarily, a say over Irish foreign and security policy is utterly shameful.

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