Varadkar: Vaccinated will be given “green pass” for extra freedoms

The Tánaiste has said Irish people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be given additional freedoms.

The leader of Fine Gael confirmed in an online video that a “digital green certificate vaccine pass” being developed by the Irish government will give “fully vaccinated” people “more freedoms”.

Varadkar said “additional measures for the fully vaccinated, more freedoms for those who have been vaccinated” would be introduced soon.

“We are developing a digital green certificate vaccine pass, so you’ll be able to prove that you’re fully vaccinated,” he confirmed.

The government has already said two fully vaccinated people are now able to meet indoors, in a slight loosening of restrictions announced last week.

The Tánaiste however said most of the country would experience an easing of lockdown restrictions as vaccination rates increase in the coming months.

“We anticipate that by the middle of May the majority of adults will have had their first dose, and the over 70s will have been fully vaccinated.

“And by the end of June the vast, vast majority, more than 80 per cent of people, will have been offered the first dose.

“We’d hope to do even better than that as well and many will have their second dose too.

“So you know, really the acceleration phase, the ramp up phase is April, May and June.

“With the addition of the fourth vaccine, the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine that gets a little bit easier still.

“I know a lot of people might feel that they’re never going to get vaccinated We’re going to surprise you.

“Like I say most adults will have had their first dose by the end of May, that’s not too far away.

“Lots of people, the most vulnerable, will be fully vaccinated at that point [end of May], and that allows us to make choices about reopening the country that we couldn’t make last week,” he said.

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