Thursday the 8th of April, the last day we have data for, saw 27,814 vaccines administered, bringing the total number of vaccines administered over the 1,00,000 mark. Between Monday the 5th and Thursday the 8th 78,202 vaccines were administered.

The total number of doses administered, as of the 8th, was 1,018,264 with 716,636 of those being the 1st dose, and 301,628 of those being 2nd doses. The average number of doses administered per day, over the last seven days, is now 17,248.

298,843  first doses have been administered to those in Cohort 3, which consists of those 70 and older who are not in long-term residential care.  The CSO estimates that there are 490,000 people in this cohort.

247,418 first doses have been administered to Cohort 2, “frontline healthcare workers” – a number substantially higher than the total  number estimated to be working in the sector.

Complicating matters has been a recent story from the Daily Mail which alleged that the staff vaccination booking system used by the HSE was “abused”. The booking system did not ask those who used it to show that they were employees of the HSE, and verification was not sought at any later point, meaning that anyone with a link to the portal could have used it get vaccinated at the same time as front-line medical staff. The HSE told the Daily Mail that it did not know the occupation of 25% of those it had vaccinated as part of Cohort 2.

Some of that number may be HSE staff who simply failed to list their occupation, but similarly it is possible that some of those who told the HSE they worked in particular occupations may simply have lied.

This on top of widespread reports that substantial numbers of non-frontline staff within the HSE have been receiving vaccinations.

The HSE shut down the staff vaccination system on Friday the 2nd, just before the Daily Mail released their story.

The Beacon Hospital was recently removed from the vaccination programme after questions were raised about 20 vaccines it administered to schoolteachers after a separate HSE blunder caused hundreds of people to be double booked for vaccination appointments. Due to the blunder 200 people failed to appear for their vaccination appointments in the Beacon. There have been multiple reports since then of hundreds of missed appointments due to double booking by the HSE.

Daily reporting of vaccinating numbers only goes back to the 3rd of February, meaning that the 9th of February is the earliest day from which we can show total doses administered over a seven-day period. On the 9th of February, the daily average number of doses administered was 5,642, with 39,495 doses having been administered between the 3rd and the 9th.