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Vaccine update: Northern Ireland vaccinating nearly 4 times faster than Republic

Some 26,238 vaccines have been administered in the Republic over the last 7 days, but the average number of doses per day has fallen sharply, and our vaccination rate compares unfavourably with Northern Ireland.

Between Saturday the 6th and Friday the 12th of February, the last day we have data for, 26,238 doses of vaccine were administered in the Republic, with 20,448 of those being first doses and 5,970 of those being second doses. The daily average number of total doses administered is now 3,748.

Over the same seven day period Northern Ireland administered 97,896 doses of vaccine, nearly four times more than the Republic, averaging nearly 14,000 vaccinations a day. NI vaccinated nearly 5% of their population over this 7 day period, working roughly 10 times faster than the Republic, which has vaccinated 0.5% of its population over that time, on a per capita basis.

Daily reporting of vaccinating numbers only goes back to the 3rd of February, meaning that the 9th of February is the earliest day from which we can show daily and weekly vaccination averages. On the 9th of February the daily average number of doses administered was 5,628, with 39,393 doses having been administered between the 3rd and the 9th.

The average number of first doses administered daily increased from 1,456 to 2,921 over that period, effectively doubling. However, the average number of second doses administered daily decreased from 4,171 to 827 over that period, a decrease of 80%.

The average number of total doses administered per day in the Republic has fallen by roughly 34% between the 9th and the 12th.

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