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Vaccine Update: Nearly 50,000 vaccines administered on Thursday

46,157 vaccines were administered on Thursday the 6th, the last day we have data for. This is the highest number of vaccines ever administered on a single day in Ireland.

 The total number of doses administered, as of the 6th, was 1,746,912 with 1,267,086 of those being the 1st dose, and 479,745 of those being 2nd doses. The average number of doses administered per day, over the last seven days, is now 30,598. Vaccinations using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine began on Wednesday, 82 of the J&J vaccines have been administered since then.

HSE figures show that the Government missed its April vaccination target of 860,000 by 164,623. The Government has missed every major vaccination target it has set, although vaccination rates have increased significantly over the past few weeks.

Paul Reid, the CEO of the HSE, had previously said that 788,000 vaccines had been administered over April, but the Irish Times later reported that that figure including vaccines administered in early May. HSE sources told the IT that days in May were included as the HSE considered them “April weeks.”

As of the 6th 110,067 first doses have been administered to Cohort 1, those in “long-term residential care facilities.” That number includes both patients and staff.

258,578 first doses have been administered to Cohort 2, “frontline healthcare workers” – a number substantially higher than the total number estimated to be working in the sector.

457,726 first doses have been administered to those in Cohort 3, which consists of those 70 and older who are not in long-term residential care.  The CSO estimates that there are 490,000 people in this cohort.

234,751 first doses have been administered to Cohort 4, those “aged 16-69 at very high risk.” 2,414 first doses have been administered to Cohort 7, those “aged 16-59 at high risk.”

202,699 first doses have been administered to Cohort 5, which consists of “all those aged 60-69” who are not in any other Cohort.

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