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Vaccine Update: Government on track to miss weekly vaccination target for second week

The Government appears likely to miss its target of administering 100,000 vaccine doses this week due to a poor showing on Monday. Between Monday and Friday 69,180 doses were administered, a daily average of 13,836.

The daily average would see 96,852 doses administered if it could be kept up over the weekend, but vaccination numbers have tended to fall substantially over weekends. Last weekend saw numbers nearly totally collapse, with only 1,919 doses administered on Sunday the 21st. To hit the target of 100,000 the Government will need to administer 30,820 doses over Saturday and Sunday, an average of 15,410 a day.

The 5 day average, running Monday to Friday, was up 14% against last week, but hitting the weekend target would require an increase of 480% over the numbers seen last weekend.

If the numbers fall below 100,000 it will be the second consecutive week the Government have failed to meet their targets. Between the 15th and the 21st the Government had promised to administer 80,000 doses of vaccine, but poor performance over the weekend saw only 78,695 doses administered.

Between Saturday the 20th and Friday the 26th of February, 79,812 vaccinations were administered. 68,184 of those were first doses, with 11,628 being second doses.

The average number of doses administered per day, over the last seven days, is now 11,402. The average number of doses administered per day has slightly more than doubled since the it first became possible to put together 7-day vaccination averages on the 9th of February.

Monday the 15th saw GPs begin to administer vaccines to people aged 85 and older, who are part of “Cohort 3” in the Government’s vaccination schedule. The CSO estimates that there are 490,000 people to be vaccinated in Cohort 3, which also includes those 70 and older who are not in long-term residential care. 45,744 of these had received their first dose as of the 26th.

The total  number of vaccination doses administered, as of Friday the 26th, is 426,000, with 285,780 of those being the 1st dose, and 140,290 of those being 2nd doses.

Daily reporting of vaccinating numbers only goes back to the 3rd of February, meaning that the 9th of February is the earliest day from which we can show total doses administered over a seven-day period. On the 9th of February, the daily average number of doses administered was 5,642, with 39,495 doses having been administered between the 3rd and the 9th.

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