The University of Chicago English Department has announced that it “is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black Studies” – meaning that students who wish to study english there will also have to take a course that many say draws its inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement that includes the dismantling of the traditional nuclear family and western capitalism among its aims.

The story was broken on Monday by Kara Zupkus – the Assistant Editor of the New Guard, a publication of Young Americas Foundation. 

Young Americas Foundation is Americas largest conservative student organisation and recently launched its “Campus Bias Tipline”  that offers students a way to report incidents of bias and discrimination against conservative and freedom-minded kids who are often left voiceless and powerless by left-wing dominated campuses.

In the statement on their website, the faculty states, “For the 2020-2021 graduate admissions cycle, the University of Chicago English Department is accepting only applicants interested in working in and with Black Studies.” In a clear attempt to remove the ability of fee-paying students to study whatever they desire, the English department is, in short, saying that students who refuse to take a course on black studies are not welcome at the English department of the University of Chicago. The statement goes on to read, “we have been expanding our range of research and teaching through recent hiring, mentorship, and admissions initiatives that have enriched our department with a number of Black scholars and scholars of color” in an apparent ramping up of the hiring of faculty members on the basis of their ethnicity and skin colour rather than on merit and qualifications alone. The statement refers to this discriminatory practice as “cultural enrichment”.

Talking to Gript, Ms. Zupkus said of the statement issued by the English department, “Universities have increasingly become an echo chamber–only viewpoints that align with the Left’s agenda are permitted, and the rest are ostracized, shouted down, or outright banned.”

Since its launch Ms. Zupkus and the team at YAF have highlighted several examples of systemic campus bias and attempts by leftist professors and faculties to ram their ideological agendas down the throats of students. In a recent example, a professor at Illinois Central College threatened to fail a student who wrote about President Trump in a positive light.

Ms. Zupkus also told Gript that “YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line has exposed many instances of intolerant campus administrators and professors who try to shut down conservative ideas. An Iowa State University student submitted to us a copy of her professor’s syllabus which warned that students who expressed pro-life or anti-BLM viewpoints would be dismissed from class. After YAF exposed the story, it garnered national and international news coverage, leading the university to revise the syllabus and provide the leftist professor with First Amendment training materials.”

Ms. Zupkus went on to describe a ludicrous situation where students were penalised for answering “false” to a question which accused the U.S. Constitution of being designed to perpetuate white supremacy. After YAF exposed the school, it backtracked and claimed it was not designed to penalise students who didn’t mark “true”.

YAFs campus bias tipline is bringing to light the bias that exists across American college campuses. For years, commentators and politicians on the right have made claims about the left-wing bias of academia but these claims have often fallen on deaf ears. Universities are places where our young people are entrusted into the care of professors and lecturers to provide them with an adequate, and often expensive, education. These cases of bias and outright false claims by professors in several prestigious US universities are a shocking insight into the corruption of third-level education in America.

Ms. Zupkus also shed some light on the extensiveness of the bias and its consequences on the students who are subjected to what amounts to ideological indoctrination,

“The bias runs deep throughout America’s university system. Professors push their viewpoints onto students daily, whether its blatant opinion commentary in class or through framing course materials (syllabus, course readings, assignments, resources) around their worldview. Students become indoctrinated, not having heard any other points of view, and go into the workforce with these far-left viewpoints and behaviors. Whether they become journalists, researchers, or academics themselves– these students have been coddled into believing anything they disagree with is racist, sexist, or hate speech. Our institutions have become filled with the campus cry-babies that have been bred through this system of indoctrination– and so the cycle continues.”

With academic indoctrination so widespread across America, it raises the question – what of Irish college campuses? Are they places of diverse debate, challenging opinions, and dissenting voices? Perhaps we should follow YAFs lead and expose the bias, if any, across Irish college campuses with a tipline of our own.