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US Authorities: Children should wear facemasks OUTDOORS this summer

One of the rites of passage for American Children, as any person who has watched an American coming-of-age movie will know, is heading off to what they call “summer camp”, which is sort of a convenient way for parents to get rid of their children over the summer holidays.

There were, of course, no such summer camps last summer, what with the pandemic and all that. This year, though? They are back. But with a catch:

the CDC’s newly released guidance for summer camps is notable for its rigidity and strictness: Masks must be worn at all times, even outdoors, by everyone, including vaccinated adults and children as young as 2 years old. The exceptions are for eating and swimming. (The guidance helpfully notes that if a person is having trouble breathing or is unconscious, no mask need be worn.) Campers must remain three feet apart from each other at all times including, again, outdoors. Six feet of distance must be maintained during meals and between campers and staff.

Yes, you read that right: That is the official guidance from the US Government. Facemasks, outdoors, for Children as young as two years old.

And not just facemasks when walking around, either. No.

Here’s a top CDC official yesterday defending guidance saying that children must wear facemasks…. when playing soccer:

The USA, of course, is a Federal Country. That means that the individual states have the power to make most of their own laws. That is why places like Texas and Florida have barely any covid restrictions at all, while places like California are still making people wear masks outdoors. This, from Biden’s Government, is guidance, not a law. It is what they think the States should be doing. Very few of them, rest assured, will do it.

And they will not do it, of course, because it is absolute nonsense, on just about every level.

By July, the US will have vaccinated 70% of adults. If the vaccine works (and the evidence, to date, is that it works very well) then that should mean that Covid is little more than a flickering ember compared to the raging fire of the early stages of the outbreak.

What it does reveal, though, is that Ireland is not the only country suffering from perhaps the biggest problem many western societies face: Complete over-caution from the “science” community.

Here, of course, it is not quite so bad as it is in the US. We have never, for example, had any kind of outdoor mask mandate. The problem we have, by contrast, is one of failsafes: In the US, the nuttiness from the Government has been mitigated by the ability of states to tell people to ignore it. In Ireland, NPHET’s word is law. We are just lucky, really, that NPHET do not need us all to mask while out walking by ourselves.

The longer-term problem here, of course, is that confidence in science and medicine is being undermined – perhaps fatally – in the eyes of a big swathe of the citizenry. You do not need to be a medical expert to recognise that these recommendations amount to madness. In fact, look at Fauci in this clip: He can barely keep a straight face himself, and seems to be indicating that his own office might have gone too far this time:

If this kind of nonsense continues – on both sides of the Atlantic – it will take a long time for the reputation of public health science to recover.

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