The United Nations has issued a list of terms it deems unacceptable, including ‘husband/wife’ and ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’, to be replaced with ‘spouse’ and ‘partner’ respectively, according to a meme generated by UN Women.

The list is an attempt to erase to promote gender-neutral language. helping to “create a more equal world”, according to the UN.

Twitter users were not impressed with the move however, with one famous rapper saying he remembers when he used to respect this organisation. “We all make mistakes.”, he added.

Another user said it was “creepy” that the UN was allegedly trying to control people’s language, whilst a fathers’ rights group also called into question the apparent irony of having a UN Women’s group at all, given the lack of a men’s group and their preference for gender-neutral language.

“Are we still allowed to say manhole cover?” joked another.