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Ukraine-bound weapons ending up in the hands of Europe’s criminals

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has said that it believes criminals across Europe have acquired military arms which were meant to go to Ukrainian forces to help with their war against Russia.

The NBI – which is a Finnish law enforcement agency primarily tasked with tackling organised crime – made the statement when talking to YLE news this week.

“Weapons shipped to Ukraine have also been found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands,” said NBI Detective Superintendent Christer Ahlgren.

“We’ve seen signs of these weapons already finding their way to Finland.

“Three of the world’s largest motorcycle gangs – that are part of larger international organisations – are active in Finland. One of these is Bandidos MC, which has a unit in every major Ukrainian city.

“We know that contacts and routes are being warmed up, so that they’re in place.”

Ahlgren went on to say that these weapons include assault rifles and explosives, and that this development could pose a problem for European societies for “decades.”

“Ukraine has received a large volume of weapons and that’s good, but we’re going to be dealing with these arms for decades and pay the price here,” he said.

Back in August, Gript highlighted how Italian newspaper Il Giornale reported that Western military equipment is already being sold out of Ukraine illegally using the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Get ready for Europe’s new military-armed cartels & extremists

In addition to Soviet-era AK47s, weapons sold also reportedly include firearms made in NATO countries such as the American M16 and M4, and the Italian ARX 160 A1.

Additionally, earlier in the year, an ex-PSNI superintendent already warned that many thousands of “combat-grade” anti-tank weapons sent to Ukraine from Belfast may ultimately end up in the possession of dubious characters,

Speaking to the Sunday Life, Ken Pennington said that about 17,000 NLAW rocket launchers had been sent to Ukraine but not tracked, and that he fears smugglers could sell them to groups like dissident Republicans and the UVF – presumably not to mention any other militants across Europe.

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