Two little girls singing in Irish from 1929 will cheer your Monday mood have posted what they call an “absolute gem”.  It’s not the first time the footage from 1929 of two small girls singing a song in school has been shared but the sound has been cleaned up significantly. 

The two girls – who they say in the song are just 5 years old – seem to be singing a song they learned in school, possibly in Liscannor, Co Clare.

“Ó cailín beag ‘sea mise,cúig bliana d’aois, bíonn obair crua ag mamaí, bíonn sí traochta anois is arís.”

“I’m a small girl, five years old. Mamaí has to work hard, she is exhausted from time to time.”

“Another absolute gem from the archives in South Carolina for you. Two little girls singing as Gaeilge, a little song in school about their mammy making cake, rocking the cradle etc. I’ve been chatting to three Irish language singers about it and they like me, think it may have been made up by their teacher or part of a very local curriculum. The sound was really bad on original footage so I’ve removed all the hiss and noise. Enjoy,” says

An Croíait says the footage is from “Scoil Tobar Bhríde, An Doirín, Lios Ceannúir, Co an Chláir idir 1919- 1929”.

The words with translations are given as follows:

Ó, cailín beag is ea mise is [táim] cúig bliana d’aois. Bíonn obair crua ag Mamaí, bíonn sí traochta anois is arís.

Oh, I am a little girl and [I’m] five years old. Mammy works hard. She’s exhausted now and again.

Déanann Mamaí ciste agus bogaim an cliabhán agus suím ar mo stóilín beag ag ithe canta maith aráin

Mammy makes a cake and I rock the cradle and I sit on my little stool eating a good chunk of bread.

Do cheannaíos ar an sráidín tae is siúcra bán. Do chuireas iad sa chiseán chun iad a thógaint [abhaile] slán.

I bought on the street tea and white sugar. I put them in the basket to take them [home] safe.

Ar an róidín thiteas is ghearras mo ghlúinín. Do choimeádas greim ar an gciseán is níor chailleas aon ghráinín.

On the wee road I fell and I cut my little knee. I kept a grip on the basket and I didn’t lose any little grain [of sugar].

Bím ag insint scéalta ag aer an chaitín bán a chuaigh amach sna coillte agus d’fhan sé ann le fán.

I tell stories about the wonder of the little white cat that went out into the woods and stayed there wandering.

Ina diaidh a tháinig Eileen ag lorg an gcaitín is fuair sí é sa deireadh. Is é a bhí i leataobh.

After her came Eileen searching for the little cat and she found it in the end. It was over.


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