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Trump’s impeachment victory speech continues his upending of political consensus

The reaction of the liberal left to the Senate’s rejection of the Democratic attempt to impeach President Trump has bordered on hysteria. The claims that it contained misogyny and racism are absurd. The liberal twitter interpreting of what he said belong in the realm of the deconstructionist nonsense with which they have infected academia. One claimed that Trump had somehow insulted Congressman Jim Jordan by referring to his ears.

His speech following the vote has been described as “unhinged.” What was unhinged was the attempt of the Democrats to prevent his re-election through under-handed means. Trump referred to the “dirty cops” campaign to discredit him. That involved allegations about the influence of Putin on the election in 2016. All found to be baseless.

So in reality, what took place was an attempt by the Democrats to both subvert the last election and to pre-empt the next one through lies and manipulation of their holdovers in the state apparatus. This is the party of the Clintons whose careers would make any Netflix series like Ozarks seem like an episode of Glenroe.

Trump pulled no punches. He accused the Democrats of having falsified documents and engaging in “crooked politics.” His main point and the one that will see him re-elected was about their support for “open borders and sanctuary cities.” That along with the fact that the American economy is enjoying a major upturn. And despite the left’s depiction of him as a war monger he is the first President since the 1940s not to have engaged the US in a war. Walk softly but carry a big stick.

More personally he described the Democrats as “vicious people” and Nancy Pelosi who tore his speech up as a “horrible person.”  This is not politics as we know it.  The great American conservative writer Wendell Berry once said that there was no difference between the Republican and Democrat elite. That both were basically on the same side. Trump seems to have shifted that paradigm.

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