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Transgender activists accuse senior BBC journalists of “killing children”

Two senior BBC Newsnight journalists have been accused of “killing children” after they reported on an NHS commissioned report which found the evidence for using puberty blockers on children was of low quality and unreliable.

Last week the BBC published an article, written by health correspondent Deborah Cohen and senior reporter Hannah Barnes, which was titled “Evidence for puberty blockers use very low, says Nice.” That article detailed, accurately, the results of an evidence review into the use of puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria in children.

Since publishing the piece, the journalists have received numerous messages telling them they are contributing to the death of transgender children.

The journalists in question have published work on this area before, with one of their previous pieces in this area having been recently shortlisted for a major investigative journalism award. That piece was an investigation into the Tavistock Clinic’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), England’s only sex-change clinic for children, published last year.

Their investigation showed that staff in the clinic were concerned that serious medical decisions were being made without proper consideration, that the parents of some children were pushing their children to become trans, and that they were told not to bring up concerns regarding the welfare of the children attending the clinic.


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