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Those with ‘refugees welcome’ signs are often paid to be there

The official narrative – and you tend only to hear that one – is that the beleaguered refugees at Inch are being sustained by well-meaning locals who are plying them with cakes and what not, while waving little signs of welcome.  

But they are often welcoming people to a place they do not live in themselves, as it happens.

Nor are these random well-meaning volunteers solely moved to empathy by the sight of people fleeing the something in Algeria or South Africa or Georgia or wherever most of them come from if they fit the usual profile of chaps – and they are all chaps in the hotel at Inch – who claim asylum here, mostly on bogus grounds, something that even our gormless state realises, even if they do nothing about it. 

Caring is their job. They get paid while showing that they care, and while disparaging the people who actually live in these areas – while they do not – as being fearful and hostile and whatever.  

Caring is well paid too, because in 2021 the Clare Immigrant Support Centre – from whence the ladies above came bearing sad little signs and brownies – received €203,363 in funding. Of that money, €202,726 came from public funds, including from you the Irish taxpayer. 

You pay these people while they care on your behalf – and meanwhile the good people of Inch and elsewhere are called racists and more by the open borders crowd. 


But, of course, the vast bulk of the money received by the Clare Immigrant Support Centre  – almost 75% – goes to paying their own wages.

On top of that, they also got €20,000 last year from the International Protection Integration Fund.  



This group is just one local example of a sector that extracts hundreds of millions from the taxpayer in a network of enterprises connected to migrancy, and with lucrative subsidiary spin offs associated with “racism,” “integration,” “diversity training,” and so on. 

That’s in addition to the considerable sums that are soaked up by those bodies who have appointed themselves as “observers” and censors of people whose views they wish to suppress – and this would be the majority of us, if recent opinion polls are accurate. 

Among those to benefit from the recent dispersals of the Community Recognition Fund are the ‘East Wall For All’ group which was granted €12,000 for “integration events.” 

This is a group that was established by people already associated with the NGO sector and which was specifically established last December to disseminate the establishment line in opposition to local residents who were protesting against the migrant centre. What they do apart from lecturing the local people is unknown to me. 

Another person has been vocal in her outrage over what is happening in Clare is one Sarah Clancy who tweeted some tale of randomly meeting, and of course aiding, young men who had left  Inch because of the ‘fear mongers’.   

Sarah is far from being another disinterested observer.  She was one of the participants last year in a seminar on STOPTHEFARRIGHT funded by various tax supported NGOs and peopled by well-known NGO and far left activists. 

Clancy was there as a member of the Clare Public Participation Network which, similar to the Clare migrancy group, receives almost all of its funding from the state, amounting to some €110,000 in their last accounts. 


Clancy then had a long opinion piece published in the Examiner claiming the protest in Inch was ‘inexcusable’. When you’re part of the establishment, you can get paid while demonising local people and also get feted by the media. But the people in Clare and Santry and East Wall are meant to shut up and do what they are told. 

The irony of it really. People who are from the same country as themselves, some of whom they may know, are reduced to caricatures from some infantile leftie cartoon book of cliches. 

The people who they do not know are similarly caricatured.  

But this is done after the fashion of Victorian missionaries, who infantilise those who, because their skin colour and exotic origin (leaving aside their stop offs in north London, mate), are consigned to the category of permanent infancy.  

They are viewed as children to be looked after by the missionaries of the Woke.  Paid ones.

Well, perhaps the time is past when we should be giving these Pollyannas the benefit of the doubt. 

There is too much at stake even if they are no more than cossetted bourgeois naifs to continue to allow them to lead this country and its supposed rulers down the road to perdition.  

Far too much at stake, especially when we are being expected to pick up the tab for our own ruination.



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