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The cultural rot in western politics

“A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest form of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal in satisfying his vices. And it all comes from lying — to others and to yourself.”


           Zosima from The Brothers Karamazov

This is going to be a long piece, and it will not attempt to draw all the arguments together, but rather note a sample of the manifestations that reveal something is fundamentally wrong with our political paradigm. But it also notes some cultural signs that a reverse course is possible.

Such a reverse course must start with the questioning observation posed by the ascetic, Zosima, in Dostoevsky’s classic novel. When you note that there is something deceptive in the institutions that govern you, do you go along with the deception or do you demand truth?

Western political thinking has become so engulfed in a neoliberal globalist zeitgeist that it is unable to do the basic function of governing at a local level.

Across Europe, politics is in dire crisis as the systemic failures of the international order increasingly manifest in the break-down of economic and social cohesion at local and national level. With a political elite in charge across the West who have long forsaken any notion of national loyalty, these problems have no solution under the paradigm being pursued. But then again, seeing how course adjustment seems a non-runner no matter how bad the systemic failures, perhaps ongoing crisis is the intention.

Who knows? It’s as good an explanation as the one that the continued covid lockdowns were judicious and evidence-based.

In this paradigm, the notion that any problem should be addressed at a subsidiary level just doesn’t register with the vain and incompetent stewards in Dail Éireann, Westminister, The Bundestag, or any other nominal parliaments contained within Western Europe. All strategic political decisions are funnelled up to an international level of federal decision making, in a process which is euphemistically described as “international cooperation.”

We can see how essential this type of ‘international politburo’ jurisdiction of decision making is to the ensconced political class by how savagely they turn the system on those who make decisions based on their own national interests or values. Whether the issue is national health policy such as Sweden’s decisions on Covid; economic in the geopolitical realm, such as Hungary’s questioning of energy sanctions; or social, such as Hungary or Poland’s policies on abortion or trans ideology, or Italy’s signalling of family-friendly policies; the response is the same – a direct political attack using the economic pressures available to the international system.

This is the undemocratic system that our leaders proclaim loyalty to when they cite “the international rules-based order”.

In the continuing crisis of the past 3 years, a crisis chiefly created by byzantine bureaucracy and how it rushed to impose “solutions” to narrative-driven “emergencies”, the most interesting reaction has been the inability of western politics to throw up a leader of vision.

Each and every political leader thrown up by this transnational political machine has been a stooge unable to come up with a political vision of their own. Each in turn has been a facsimile of some sort of politburo blueprint who is adept at parroting a menu of talking points informed by neoliberal and cultural Marxist theory, but completely bereft of coming up with a solution to the problems before them. Covid hysteria, Covid spending, Lockdown, Ukraine, Environmental fanaticism (and green spending that goes with it), race baiting, LGBTQAI+2S…. identity politics; they have great pre-scripted policy formulas to all these issues which their allies in the corporate media reinforce; but not one can come up with a policy that will tackle inflation.

How many of the political class questioned lockdown? How many of the corporate press did so? The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, clearly never fielded a single question over two years of covid policying which asked him to give proof of the efficacy of masking “in significantly preventing the spread of covid” until Ben Scallan challenged him.

Basic economics tells us that reducing economic production (lockdown) and simultaneously increasing “money emissions” (to borrow Putin’s terms) will inevitably lead to inflation. Two years ago everyone liked the free money flowing from the Covid hustle, today everyone hates the inflation flowing from the same madness. How come nobody in either the corporate media or the political class cared to warn about this?  It’s not as if they didn’t know.

“Too much money chasing too few goods, and the result was inflation”

Does it really take a former governor of the bank of England to point out this basic economic rule?

However, with every covid measure the government took, the only complaint from the opposition was that it didn’t go far enough. These are the type of people that the political zeitgeist has produced. Visionless puppets with empty chests.

This is why England went from the rule of a clown to the rule of a complete economic dunce. The notion that England’s economy could be jump started through massive extra spending and simultaneous tax cuts had the gild markets in panic and pensions nearly colapsing, and Liz Truss out of office in just 7 weeks.

However, Truss is not uniquely empty-visioned. She is the norm in European politics. She is precisely the type of stay-the-course bureaucrat which the system of provincial government beloved of the Davos/EMF planners produces. Across Europe politics is in crisis because it is on this trajectory euphemistically called “international cooperation”. No country more so than Germany, the manufacturing engine of the EU which is now deindustrialising.

After the UK ruling class panicked at the blind incompetence of Truss’s economic plan –a response which included some seemingly intentional sabotage from the Central Bank when they announced a deadline for cessation of purchase of government Gilts- and fired her out, her replacement, Sunak, reverted to the advisable austerity plan. Advisable that is if you want to keep the economy, especially all those high paying jobs in financial services, from imploding.

But Sunak didn’t come up with anything new. One of his notable first moves was a nod to the pro-scarcity green fanatics by banning fracking. This was a notable reversal of Truss’s plan to invigorate fracking and possibly salve England’s (and Ireland’s) energy crisis. So it was back to the globalist agenda of massive green spending and energy rationing.

Sunak is supporting the agenda even if it is failing catastrophically.

It is plain to see that, in Ireland, the connected political class, as represented by the panoply of parties, represent the ideas of the elite who place high value on social constructionism. There is nothing in our political system that would even remotely represent the ambitions, the wishes, the values, the needs, or the desires of a populist movement.

The few TDs who are in touch with the issues that affect the ordinary Irish citizen, and who also want to champion these issues, are left out in the cold. All bar one are not members of political parties.  It’s almost as if the political system in Ireland serves another master and not the Irish people.

Although the political parties may have gone by old labels of left and right and centrists, they have all radically shifted towards a social leftism, and a federal style of world governance. They all profess allegiance to a supranational political superstructure. They talk relentlessly of “Our European values” and like Orwell’s socialists, would die of shame before expressing any sort of loyalty to the nation who elects them and keeps them in their pay.

On economics they have assumed all of the irresponsible economic and financial positions of the neo-liberal globalists; hyper regulated restrictive policies which don’t differ in any significant way from international Marxist policies. ESG scores (Environmental Social Governance) as a means of controlling investment bring radical environmentalist ideas –insane ideas which are frogmarching us to an energy and food crisis right now, damaging the core of all economic activity.

Make no mistake about it; ESG scores are a massive financial burden on the cost of doing business or producing anything, which will primarily just act as a barrier for entry to any small entrepreneur. They will create a layer of “essential” consultants who produce nothing; who add no value; but siphon money from the working class through a massively bureaucratic system of regulatory manipulation.

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael although they have historically put themselves as opposing ideas, now run on an identical political philosophy.

Sinn Féin fulfill the role of so-called opposition and sound the exact same as FG on most things (they will offer more free money and corresponding debt). They will fight bitterly and complain about many things and gossip about each other, but on social issues they are presently the exact same.

Until conservatives wake up to the fact that social issues are more important than a marginal tax reduction this will never change. By the time they do they might be in a dystopian brave new world with no way out.

This brings us to the superstructure, the EU, because both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, and increasingly Sinn Féin, identify themselves as some sort of subsidiary of the EU.

But, why is this? We have to ask ourselves at this stage does the EU even have a purpose? Why is it there?

Consider the biggest promises which were sold to us – that it would increase cooperation across the block; that we would benefit from a shared market.

Cooperation seems to be in decline. The centralised bureaucratic nature of the EU is causing dissent amongst member states, and there are cracks all over the edifice.

We were told that it would prevent the outbreak of hostilities and war in the fractured post-WWII Europe. At present it is doing the opposite, and very soon there may be a third country – Belarus – in the war in Ukraine, followed by Poland, perhaps followed by WWIII.

We were told it would provide economic security; it’s doing the opposite. As we face into a financial crisis, as we face into an economic crisis, as we face into a security crisis, an energy crisis, and a food crisis, we can see that the EU has done nothing to prevent any of this. In fact we can argue a quite convincing case that it is one of the chief causes of all of this.

These are the very things, all of which arise from a negation of subsidiarity and a building of federalised bureaucracy, that I recall warning about when campaigning against the Lisbon treaty.

At the core of that rejection (which ironically was returned for a second vote because the result was the wrong one for the Europhiles) was the realisation that the European Union was turning more and more into an autocratic state. Its purpose, despite all the high-sounding claims, isn’t to enhance the lives of everyone who comes under its rule, but to grow its competencies and justify its growing functions.

We have seen a mission creep with the EU. From a cooperative group of member states with shared treaties on trade, it has grown into an autocratic administrative bloc assuming more and more powers and functions of a governing state.  It resembles a bloc with ambitions undfettered by subsidiary local influences and becoming more and more like the administrative arm of a great empire. At the administrative pinacle of this ziggurat-like state unelected chiefs, like Ursula Van Der Layen, talk about things like the sovereignty of “European air space”, as if Europe is actually a single sovereign state.

The larger the EU has become, the more it has become central in running the policies of its member states, the more unstable it has become, and the less it has served the populations of its territories. The debt that it loaded on Ireland and Greece, amongst others, following the 2008 crisis is now to be revisited upon us all again, and we are about to enter a very, very, cold winter, which will undoubtedly be the beginning of a very bare decade. We can trace this cold winter back to the insane policies of the “green” agenda which is at the core of the EU and has been embraced wholeheartedly by every member of the Irish political establishment; without question.

This is the policy position that made the European block dependent on Russia who had built up their energy infrastructure and their oil and gas export, while their main customer, the EU, was increasing their dependency on them.  Fossil fuel energy wasn’t just a crucial part of Russia, it was an essential part of the continued prosperity of the EU. And while this was happening European politicians pretended that their investment in renewable energy would guarantee energy security into the future. That is they either pretended and were stringing the gullible public along, or they are as frustratingly stupid as they seem.

They might be that stupid, because when they got the chance to try and “take on” Russia they jumped wholeheartedly on the dumb idea of sanctioning Russian energy exports.

They told Russia that they didn’t want their energy, while they were completely dependent upon it. They had no plan B for energy, and as winter approaches it is becoming plain to the dogs in the street that the hail-Mary plan C (American LNG) and plan D (Quatar) and plan E (Azerebaijan) and plan F (Algeria) and plan…. Z, which were thrown together in a panic, just can’t replace the energy that Russia was fulfilling.

In the meantime the political establishment across the EU is completely engrossed in the woke religion. So the EU is not just left with an energy crisis, a financial crisis, and a food crisis, it also has an existential cultural crisis. All these things that were supposed to guarantee stability and the protection from conflict on the continent are all falling apart. The byzantine structure of the EU is full of cracks, and the failing system is reduced to rule by fear and recrimination as discussed earlier in the sanctioning of Hungary and any others that step out of line.

On a more encouraging side though, there are signs that there are alternatives to this system of rule. It is true that censorship has tightened as the absurdities and deficiencies in this order have manifested in insane and maladaptive policies but it has been quite heartening to see doctors who were supportive of the covid lockdown and the vaccine rollout, for example, question their prior judgement and insist on “evidence based medicine” as they re-analyze the events of the past few years.

For instance, cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, was a strenuous supporter of the Covid vaccine campaign but after noticing very unusual heart related deaths he started questioning what he had been told. When he dug into the statistic he found proof of a marked increase in myocarditis after the administration of a “particular pharmacological intervention.” The evidence brought him deep behind his prior assumptions and he is now questioning the link between the pharma industry and medical policy.

Knowing there is something suspect about the official narrative is one thing but explaining its motivation is more important still, and this is a new front opening up on the culture war.

On this note, Michael Shellenberg is doing some wonderful exploratory work on what drives environmental narcissists and other “victimhood movements”. In this discussion with pioneering psychologist, Sam Vaknin, he provides a more comprehensible explanation of why hysterical climate doom movements like Extinction Rebellion and other identity Marxist movements like BLM exist. They provide narcissistic, grandiose, psychopaths with a vehicle for their own elevation he says.

Once you understand this, perhaps their actions are far easier to understand.

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