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The real covid deniers are those who think it can be Zero

And when they do, they should apologise to the rest of us so we can get back to building our society even as we face a monster debt that will probably last at least 2 generations.

If you think zero Covid is possible, I’ve got news for you, you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. Covid-19 is an endemic (always present) virus and it will be with us forever. To say otherwise seems like foolish denial.

Listening to what seems to be the consensus from the WHO and Bill Gates and everyone else who wants us to live in permanent fear, sars-cov-2 is with us in the same way that the brown rat is. It seems they think Zero Covid is a fairy tale, even as they tell us we had better get used to this new (ab)normal.

Covid won’t kill our society but the crazed pursuit of lockdown is doing just that. There is a denial abroad, but it is not what you might think, the zero covid proponents are deniers of basic reality. In this world where a manic and deceitful single-minded pursuit of an impossible aim, without any thought as to the collateral damage endured by the entire society, these lockdown enthusiasts who would have us terrified of Covid, are clearly the real  “deniers”

Lockdown hasn’t worked. It is, in fact, killing our future. The assumption that you can eradicate a rapidly evolving contagious virus by ordering people to isolate and stay put, is a denial of basic reality. How did this mass madness take such a grip on our society?

Who in their right mind thinks that you can isolate people indefinitely as if we are jars that can be stored on a shelf? Anyone with a basic account of reality knows that zero interaction is literally impossible. Zero interaction is the only way of achieving zero transmission and thereby zero covid.

We haven’t replaced delivery drivers and shippers and shelf stackers with robots yet, so how are we supposed to stop a virus that rides around on people and jumps pretty efficiently from one host to the next? As any sapient thing knows, humans society has moving parts called humans that, even in the most reduced circumstances, move around and bump into each other.

To work that analogy a bit: If society was a human body, the blood which feeds all the organs and brings oxygen around, along with all the pathogens that bodies are crammed with; would be made of human beings. The “deniers” are people who deny this basic fact.

The stop gap assumption we had of lockdown in March 2020 for a short period didn’t seem so bad to an adult who has grasped the opportunities of life. But now we are a year into this social-petrification and we are told get used to continuing as we are. What are the effects of this on our children? Mostly they are saying “what’s the point.” We are training our children to have smaller horizons and no enthusiasm for life. The future that way is a disaster.

We are also seeing small business owners saying the same. What will the long term effect of this be on the spirit of the nation? If this sort of draconian clamp down on liberty is an accepted government response to any emergency, what type of person will take the risk to open up a new restaurant, or garage, or hairdresser? Where will the entrepreneurs, who grow the private sector so that the public sector can be paid for, come from?

Recently The Irish Times hailed a reintroduction of Keynesian economics as a solution to economic stagnation. All you need to know about Keynesian economics is that it is massive borrowing based on the future earnings of your children. What Maynard Keynes was banking on for his theories to work was a rapidly growing economy. It requires an EGO (Embeded Growth Obligation) which requires an industrious, young, and growing population. I’m afraid we have none of this.

The biggest problem with the magic money tree is that it quickly turns into an inflation machine. Keynes’s theories hit the reality of stagflation in the 1970’s precisely because the EGO of the post war economy had hit a demographic reality. We might yet be heading back to the conditions of the 70s, or worse still, the Weimar Republic. God help us if we do.




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