Several leftist ‘Count Every Vote’ protests in New York City and Portland, Oregan, have descended into “widespread violence” since Wednesday according to the local sheriff, with Antifa extremists reportedly burning property and smashing churches while spitting at and attacking police.

The National Guard has been deployed to quell the violence, operating under the “unified command” of the Oregon State Police and the County Sheriff’s Office.

Reportedly, officers apprehended a man in possession of a rifle and an improvised explosive device (IED).

It appears that several suspects have already been taken into custody.

Meanwhile, in New York, fires were lit by arsonists and deadly weapons were confiscated by NYPD.

This latest violence comes just a day after a black Trump supporter was stabbed in Washington DC just blocks away from the White House.

Tensions continue to mount on both sides as Republicans angry about alleged voter irregularities tried to force their way into a count center in Arizona