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Sunak brings back fracking ban, reversing Truss’s policy

The UK’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak has banned the use of fracking in the UK, reversing the policy of his predecessor Liz Truss.

Fracking – a process of extracting oil or gas from rocks under the ground, which is unpopular among climate activists – has been banned in the UK since 2019, with the government at the time citing environmental concerns.

However, the ban was lifted last month under then-UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, as one of her first acts after assuming office – all in an effort to combat the energy crisis.

While it would take at least several months to establish fracking infrastructure and utilise the resources, representatives of the Truss government said that the move was “just good common sense” and would allow the UK to secure its own energy supply in the medium to long term.

However, the Truss premiership has proved the shortest in British history, and mere weeks after the policy was enacted it has now been reversed by her successor Sunak.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed this week that fracking is “back in the bin,” according to Reuters, adding that the ban was outlined as a policy in the Conservative Party’s 2019 election manifesto.

The news comes as UK consumers find their bills rising 80% this month, with bigger increases feared over the colder winter months.

In January of this year, at the start of the spiking energy prices, one of Britain’s biggest energy suppliers apologised after it came under fire for  suggesting that people “cuddle with their pets” to keep warm.

SSE Energy Services is a subsidiary of OVO Energy – the third largest energy supplier in Britain. The firm sent out an email to customers listing 10 “cost-effective” methods of keeping warm during the winter.

These included doing jumping jacks, “having a cuddle with your pets and loved ones to help stay cosy,” cleaning up the house or holding a “hula hoop contest” with one’s children.


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