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Study predicts huge global population decline in next century

Despite environmentalist warnings of “overpopulation,” a Lancet study last year predicted that the world’s population will decline significantly in the coming decades for the first time in centuries.

Yesterday Gript reported on the fact that Iran has enacted new legislation aimed at encouraging more births. Iran’s new “Law on Family and Youth Support” is part of a plan to tackle the country’s pressing demographic crisis.

In addition, countries like Hungary and Poland have implemented similar pro-family policies.

Currently there are around 7.8 billion people on earth. However, a recent study by the Lancet predicts that this will peak at around 9.7 billion around 2064, and then begin to decline to 8.79 billion in the year 2100.

The study has found that as many as 23 countries could see their populations shrink by more than half due to ageing populations and low birth rates. These countries include Spain, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and more.

Even countries with huge populations like China are set to see significant demographic decline over the next 80 or so years.

Researchers say that if their projections are accurate, it will be the first time a global population decline has taken place due to a drop in fertility. According to the lead study author, the last time the global population declined was in the 14th century, largely due to the Black Plague.

One factor contributing to the drop in birth rates is the widespread access to contraception, according to the study’s contributors.

Recently, it was discovered that Ireland’s birth rate collapsed during the Covid lockdown, and is now well below replacement rate. The introduction of abortion in 2019 will have further decreased the number of children being born.

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and father of six, made headlines this week when he said that he was having more children to help “save the planet,” warning of impending demographic collapse.

“There are not enough people,” said Musk, adding that civilisation will “crumble” if people don’t start to have more children.

“I cannot emphasise this enough; there are not enough people.”


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