“Strokes”: Ridicule as Regina Doherty appointed to Seanad she campaigned to abolish

The government is coming under fire after appointing former TD for Meath Regina Doherty as leader of the Seanad, although she had previously led Fine Gael’s campaign to abolish the lower house.

“Politicians often wonder what makes people cynical about politics…it’s strokes like the appointment of Regina Doherty,” wrote Irish Catholic Editor, Michael Kelly.


Others pointed out that the Seanad wasn’t meant as a dumping ground for failed election candidates.  “It’s not what the Seanad was designed for and it’s all the more bitter considering Regina Doherty voted for its abolition,” wrote Aiden Lloyd.

Ms Doherty’s arguments for the abolition of the Seanad were being reposted on social media. “We came to the conclusion that no matter what way you cut the cake…it [The Seanad] would continue to be undemocratic and elitist,” remembered Bronagh Hayes.


Other Senate appointments also drew commentary online, in particular the appointment of Fianna Fáil’s Lorraine Clifford-Lee, whose campaign for a Dáil seat had been derailed by the emergence of previous tweets using the phrases “knackers” and “black brazilian dwarves”.

“Let the record show that in his first act in office, the FF Taoiseach appointed to the Seanad someone who complained about sitting beside “black brazilian dwarves” and derisively referred to “knackers” and “traveller weddings”,” wrote the editor of this platform, John McGuirk.



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