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‘Spying and reporting’: Green Cllr gets Fingal Library Twitter Account suspended

She says feminists are 'transphobes'

A Green Party Councillor is being accused of ‘spying and reporting’ after her complaint to Fingal County Council about the twitter account of the local library following feminists who have raised concerns about transgender extremism led to the account being suspended.


Fingal County Council failed to fully respond to press queries from Gript this morning as to why the library’s twitter had been taken down. They did not explain what the ‘unauthorised activity’ was, or confirm whether they had acted in response to this tweet of complaint made by Cllr Karen Power, who was co-opted onto the Council in 2020. She previously worked in the NGO sector.

She wrote that she was “majorly concerned” with the accounts Fingal Libraries were following and that she would “raise it immediately with Council officials”.

Power’s ‘major’ concern was not made clear in her original tweet but in conversations on Twitter it was speculated that the library was drawing the ire of some activists for following three accounts in particular: Maya Forstater, Allison Bailey and Genspect. 

All three accounts are prominent women’s rights campaigners, who, in particular, have taken issues with the assertion that gender is fluid and the effect of that dogma on housing men in women’s shelters or in female prisons or referring to women as ‘chest-feeders’.

A Robert Bohan also thanked Sinn Féin’s Louise O’Reilly and Labour’s Seána Ó Rodaigh for taking action against the Fingal Library’s twitter account, which are operated, it is believed, by library staff, though this has not been confirmed.



Some of Power’s supporters said that the library was funded by public money. “Karen’s funded by public money and we sure as hell don’t pay her to engage in witch hunts for perceived thought crimes,” was one response on Twitter.

Others took issue with what they saw as the library agreeing to “police people’s opinions” – and pointed out that the library staff had voiced no opinions but simply followed Twitter accounts of women who have raised questions about the consequences for women of the claim that sex is not real, and that gender is fluid.

“There were no opinions of staff on the account. The library account was deactivated for following three accounts Karen Power didn’t approve of,” claimed one woman.

Some commentators on social media accused Cllr Power of ‘sneaking and reporting’ and of being a ‘snitch’. In response, Cllr Power she was glad to be a snitch in support of those she felt were being marginalised.

She then posted a photo congratulating herself on a hard day’s work by drinking wine and eating a twix. “Big pat on the back for me!” she wrote.

Others saw it differently.

The library was “bullied into silence by literally Karen,” was one person’s response to the move.


In response to queries from Gript, Fingal County Council refused to specify what the “unauthorised activity” that led to them suspending the library account was.

“The Fingal Libraries team took the decision to temporarily suspend their Twitter account while they reviewed possible unauthorised activity. Until that review is complete it would be inappropriate to comment further,” they said.

It is not known whether any library staff have been suspended or are the subject of any disciplinary proceedings at this time.

However, Allison Bailey, who is a barrister, directly challenged Power on the controversy. Power responded by saying Bailey was “transphobic”, an accusation the barrister described as “defamation”.


Famed children’s author JK Rowling, who has taken flak over her stance that women are biologically different to men, rowed in behind Bailey.

Women’s groups were also critical of the move.

While this question was asked of Fingal County Council:

“If JK Rowling the most successful children’s author came to Fingal library would you let her speak. It’s ridiculous to allow debate to be shut down by extremists.”

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