Sinn Féin given another £800k in English man’s will

William Hampton, who died in 2018, has now gifted the party almost £3 million.

Northern Ireland’s Electoral Commission have reported that Sinn Féin received £800,000 from the estate of William Hampton in the first quarter of 2021.

The English mechanic, who died in Wales as an unmarried man without children, initially left the party over £2 million following his death, prompting shock among politicians south of the border about the size of the donation.

Sinn Féin leader Mary-Lou McDonald called Hampton a “rebel with a cause” following his death, with the English man’s ashes buried in west Belfast.

The party, which also received £80,295 in public funding this year, dwarfed the fundraising of the DUP, which, despite receiving the second highest amount of any party, only received £78,115 compared to Sinn Féin’s £880,295.

The SDLP reported fundraising of £47,958 from January to March, with the Alliance Party (£29,564), the Ulster Unionist Party (£22,894), and Green Party (£12,173) making up the rest.

An Electoral Commission in Northern Ireland statement said: “We publish this data to give voters important information on how parties in Northern Ireland are being funded, in order to enhance public confidence and trust in our democratic processes.”

While there is no limit in Northern Ireland on how much can be donated to a political party, the Republic of Ireland prohibits parties south of the border from receiving donations from one person larger than €2,500 per annum.

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