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“Significant victory” as Access to Cash motion passes unopposed through Dáil

Independent TD for Laois Offaly Carol Nolan has welcomed the decision of the Dáil, including the three Government party’s, to pass the Rural Independent Group motion on Access to Cash which was debated this morning

Deputy Nolan who is a member of the Rural Independent Group said the unanimous support for the motion indicated that “the matter was a live political and public concern which many people are seeking assurances on.”

The motion called on Government to recognize that there continues to be and will likely always be a societal demand for cash, and to implement appropriate measures to ensure that all members of society can continue to access and use cash as a means of payment.

The motion went on to request Government to accept that it, along with the Central Bank, have a fundamental responsibility, together with the banking sector, to ensure the smooth supply of cash and access to cash for consumers and SMEs continues in Ireland:

“I welcome the fact that our motion was supported by all members today and that the key concerns that I and my colleagues laid out were acknowledged as requiring immediate action and guarantees,” said Deputy Nolan.

“Our motion today also develops a series of concerns that arose in dramatic fashion last year when the then Minister for Finance and the rest of Government were blindsided by the decision of AIB to effectively make dozens of its branches cashless operations.”

“I and my colleagues want to put a halt to the banks gallop and to the mad rush to force everyone into digitalised or electronic methods of payments even when the express wish of most people is that would have the freedom to use cash and as when they need it.”

“Of course, there is a drive and greater take-up if electronic forms of payment. But let’s not kid ourselves. This is not because of some great desire to do everything online. Much of it is driven by the charges being demanded from Banks for businesses and individuals lodging their own money.”

“Our Motion also reflects the very real fears and concerns that people have with respect to digital surveillance of their finances. This is not some conspiracy theory or paranoid fantasy. It is a very real and legitimate concern that says there is now almost no area of human activity or human life that is not vulnerable to financial or governmental monitoring of one kind or another.”

“Physical cash offers privacy in a way that electronic cash can never offer. That is important for people and it ought to be maintained. It also offers our older people relief from having to navigate the online financial world. In fact we know from a Report by Age Action Ireland that over half of Irish people aged between 65 and 74 have never used the internet.”

“This is why our motion calls on Government to recognise the importance of cash as a means of payment and to take steps to promote financial inclusion and access to basic financial services for all members of society-young and old,” concluded Deputy Nolan.

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