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Shocker: Kerry priest found guilty of being Catholic

During a homily this week, a Kerry priest from Listowel made a serious error that has sent shockwaves throughout his diocese. Rumour has it that some church attendees will never be the same again after hearing his speech, so traumatised were they by the shocking words that escaped the cleric’s mouth.

He has been absolutely slammed on Twitter for it, and verbally battered from pillar to post by a foaming-at-the-mouth hoard of infuriated rage merchants eager to jump on anyone with a different view.

What did this dastardly trouble-maker do to cause such controversy, you might ask? Did he knowingly spread heresy from the pulpit? Did he verbally abuse someone? Did he try to sell NFTs and an obscure cryptocurrency called “Pope Coin” to his parishioners?

Oh no – he did something even worse than all of that put together, if you can believe it.

This priest had the temerity to utter official Catholic teaching out-loud in a Catholic church. And the worst part of all, is that he actually had the cheek to think he’d get away with it, too.

The suspect, Fr. Sean Sheehy, spoke on the online video Mass feed at his parish of St. Mary’s on Monday, giving a homily about All Saints Day. During this homily, the man actually expressed the official position of the Catholic Church on social issues, instead of bending over backwards to appease secular liberals who hate him and his entire religion.

Can you believe it? The nerve of some people, right?

Here’s the abridged version of what he said:

“What is so sad today is you rarely hear about sin, but it’s rampant. And we see it, for example, in the legislation of our government. We see it in the promotion of abortion. We see it in this lunatic approach of transgenderism. We see it, for example, in the promotion of sex between two men or two women. That is sinful. That is mortal sin. And people don’t seem to realise it. But it’s a fact. And we need to listen to God about it, because if we don’t, then there’s no hope for those people.

…Sin is destructive, sin is detrimental, and sin will lead you to hell…We honour people who are saints. Why are they saints? Because they repented and they sought forgiveness. As somebody said one time, “Heaven is full of converted sinners.” And so today God says to us “I have come to call sinners.”

Now there are people who won’t like to hear what I’m saying. But the day you die, you will find out that what I’m saying is not what I invented. It’s not what I came up with. It’s what God is saying. And the day you die, you will find out that it’s the truth. And our prayer for people is that it won’t be too late for people. But how will people know that God wants to forgive them if we don’t tell them? How will people who are lost be found if we, as God’s people, don’t call them and say “Look! God loves you! He has come to call sinners! And he wants you to have life, and have it to the full. That’s what he wants. He wants you to have life, and live it to the fullest.”

The priest went on to say that he objected to teenagers being given contraception by the HSE, as, naturally enough, Catholic teaching opposes contraception, and he believes that giving teens condoms is basically encouraging them to be promiscuous.

So in short, this Catholic priest is being absolutely pilloried for saying abortion is bad, contraception is bad, transgenderism is out of control, and LGBT acts are sinful.

He also said, and emphasised, how much he believes God loves sinners and wants to see them in heaven.

In other words, he’s under attack for being a Catholic. Whether you agree with him or disagree with him on any of those issues, these aren’t his personal opinions – they’re the official teachings of the Catholic Church. He could have been reading directly from the catechism. If you hate what he said, you don’t have an issue with him as an individual – you have an issue with the teachings of all priests and all Catholics who take their religion seriously.

In fact, it’s worth adding that virtually all major world religions agree with Catholics on these kinds of issues. Muslims and Jews are opposed to abortion too, for example.

Hindus don’t support LGBT issues being taught in schools, nor do Muslims, or Buddhists, or Orthodox Jews, or Eastern Orthodox Christians, or most Protestants.

In fact, most of them would be far more forceful in their objection than Catholics would – try listening to how a Muslim Imam would talk about gay issues and see how you get on. There’d be no talk of love or getting them to heaven, of that I can assure you.

So in effect, this priest is stating not only the official position of the Church he belongs to, but the official position of the vast majority of churches. His position on many issues are shared by a majority of people outside Europe and the West too.

And yet this remarkably benign take has somehow been twisted into unfairly portraying this man as some kind of deranged hate preacher.

Of course, this is hardly surprising, considering the fact that the people doing said twisting are people with an irrational hatred of the Church to begin with. For example, the guy who posted the initial video, Shane McAuliffe, called the priest’s speech “shocking,” “inciting hatred,” and he called for the priest to “step down.”

He also emailed the diocese to formally complain.

So, naturally enough, if this guy is calling for the priest to step down, you’d assume that he attends Mass regularly, and is maybe a member of that local parish? He’s clearly very interested in the day-to-day running of the Church, and is concerned about how the faith is being taught. So he must be a very devout Catholic, right?

Well, not according to his last census answer, when he put down “no religion” by his own admission.

So, in other words, this guy doesn’t believe in any religion, and has particular contempt for Catholicism, saying it historically had an “evil” grip on society. But he is absolutely incandescent with rage because of how a priest is teaching his own religion inside his own church.

This guy, who doesn’t believe in religion and doesn’t attend weekly Mass, went out of his way so he could deliberately get offended by uncontroversial Catholic teaching. Which is a bit like somebody who knows they have a severe nut allergy breaking into a nut processing plant just so they can make a scene and convulse on the factory floor while rebuking everyone around them.

But this is the case with many of these people spewing bile at this priest. They couldn’t give one solitary toss about the church. They despise it, and typically they ignore it. That is, until they see an opportunity to put the boot in and give it a kicking while it’s down.

Which makes it all the more shameful that the local Bishop, Ray Browne, has apologised and thrown the priest under the bus for these people’s benefit, saying that the sermon was “not appropriate” and that “the views expressed do not represent the Christian position.”

Which of the views expressed don’t represent the Christian position exactly, Bishop Browne? Should Christians not oppose abortion? The Church does indeed teach that contraception can be sinful – even if most people disagree. So why should this priest get bashed for pointing that out? And many countries such as Britain are rowing back on previous support for the more extreme demands of transgenderism, which led to unsafe and irreversible damage to children.

The Church would do well to stop apologising and grovelling, trying to appease people who have nothing but contempt for the faith in the first place. Why should the Bishop value their opinion at the detriment of his own priest?

Ultimately, this priest is being persecuted for the unforgivable offence of being a Catholic in 2022. He was absolutely within his rights to say what he said, and nobody is forcing anyone to go to church at gunpoint if they don’t like the message.

This priest deserves the respect of every sincere Christian, and should not back down in the face of any media smear campaign or bad-faith virtual lynch mob.


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