Serial thief with 161 previous convictions has his jail term cut from 6 years to 4

A man with 161 previous convictions who robbed a café twice while out on bail for stealing from a whiskey museum has had his jail term reduced from 6 years to 4.

33-year-old Jonathan Grimes was out on bail for burglarising the whiskey museum when he robbed Bewley’s café in Dublin city centre, not once, but twice. Grimes had 161 previous convictions at that time, including convictions for assault, threats to kill, burglary, robbery, and theft.

During one previous conviction, Grimes pleaded guilty to assaulting an Indian man who was on the way to a hospital appointment with his pregnant wife.

During this latest conviction, the court heard that Grimes had gone into a private area of the whiskey museum, where he stole a tablet valued approximately at €300. After being identified on CCTV footage Grimes was arrested, charged, and released on bail, at which point he committed two further burglaries.

For the first Bewley’s burglary, he entered a women’s changing room and stole a cash belt. Subsequently, he returned to the same café in March with another man, stealing a bottle of gin and a laptop worth €1,500.

Judge Elma Sheahan had initially sentenced Grimes to 8 years in total for the burglaries, but suspended the final two years, resulting in a 6-year jail term in total.

However, Grimes appealed the severity of this decision to the Court of Appeal.

Grimes’ barrister argued that 6 years was too high a sentence for burglary, considering the lack of aggravating factors.

She also argued that her client had a substance addiction which he had been making efforts to address, robbing to fuel his drug habit, and that he had a 10 year old son.

On this basis the Court of Appeal reduced his sentence to a 4-year jail term.

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