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“SEND THE GOBSH*TES PACKING” – LMFM radio presenter wants Cork protesters fired

LMFM radio presenter Ken O’Sullivan took to Twitter this weekend to express his desire to see anti-lockdown protesters who took part in a peaceful assembly on Saturday in Cork fired from their jobs.

“Y’know what would have been a great idea?”, he wrote. “If somebody thought to go in amongst the gobshites at that #corkprotest today with a camera and post pictures of them so that their employers could send them packing on Monday, a bit like the morons in the #CapitolRiots in January.”

The Cork demonstration passed off peacefully with no reported clashes with Gardai or any violence.

O’Sullivan has previously made strong statements regarding Covid rulebreakers, including calling on the State in Northern Ireland to “hammer” and “make an example” out of those who violate the restrictions.

“Hammer them. Make examples of them and put the frighteners on everybody else. They tried the softly softly approach and that didn’t work. Time to get out the big stick,” he wrote.

However, his Twitter feed expresses no such condemnation of the Black Lives Matter or anti-racism events that have taken place since the lockdown began.

LMFM was contacted for comment, though Gript has not yet received a reply.

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