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Senator Lynn Ruane mocks man about his experience of Childhood Poverty

“award for the best ‘poor person’”- Ruane

Independent Senator Lynn Ruane, has taken to twitter to mock a man about his family’s history of poverty. 

The man tweeted saying that he “grew up in a household eldest of 7 with butter and shoe vouchers and the nuns used to visit every so often with sugar and tea. Only one parent was working and we still managed”

Adding, “Not once did any of us blame being poor for any of our shortcomings………not once.”


Ruane replied in a retweet saying, “And the award for the best ‘poor person’ goes tooooooo ………” in what appears to be an attempt to belittle the man’s experience of childhood poverty. 

Is this a standard of behaviour acceptable of a public representative? I think not. 

In fact, recent explorations of Seanad Shenanigans have left this writer with a deep feeling of embarrassment at the state of the chamber. 

One of Ruane’s ‘supporters’, added to the mockery by saying, “bet he had a home where he could put his shoes and butter though!” – a classic display of kindness from the political left. 

Ruane who said she was ‘educated and awakened as a teenager by the lyrics of the late rap star Tupac Shakur’ previously told the Independent  how as a Senator she was, ​ ‘earning more than I’ve ever earned before’, and that her ‘worst job’ was when she worked in Burger King. 

Apparently she is not immune to ‘virtue signalling’ about her own hardships.  

Ruane recently tweeted,  “I can no longer be shamed for simply being a woman, with an opinion, a body, a humour, a fun side, a serious side, an emotional side, literally all the sides of all the things. Im a full human and I refuse to be shamed. If ur instinct is to insult me, then that’s a YOU problem” – again is this a level of discourse appropriate for a senator?

It sounds to me like something a teenager would write, but naturally I suppose I’m the problem according to her logic. 

Who in Ireland – a western European democracy –  is shaming women for ‘having a body’ or opinions? 

Twitter responses to Ruane’s comments about the man and his childhood hardship seem to show they are not impressed with her behaviour either, but I guess she’d say it’s a ‘them problem’. 





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