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Senator: Irish citizens “locked up” in Canada under Covid rules

According to one member of the Seanad, Irish citizens are currently trapped in Canada over Justin Trudeau’s Covid rules.

The comments were made in the Seanad this week by independent senator Sharon Keogan, who described Canada as a “so-called liberal democracy” which shows “signs of authoritarian leanings” over its crackdown on unvaccinated citizens.

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a wake-up call in the European Parliament last week when he addressed it on the topic of growing threats to democracy and failed to count himself among those threats,” Keogan said.

The Senator is believed to have been referring to an incident last week involving Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic, who told Justin Trudeau that his methods had been that of a “dictatorship of the worst kind.”

With Trudeau present in the European Parliament, Kolakusic said the Canadian Prime Minister had “trampled on fundamental values” such as freedom, adding that Canada “has become a symbol of civil rights violations under [Trudeau’s] quasi-liberal boot.”

Keogan continued: “Last month, I spoke about Mr. Trudeau being the first Prime Minister in Canada’s history to invoke the powers of the Emergencies Act, which were used to violently quell a legitimate protest.

“At the European Parliament session, it was stated that the world had watched how, under the quasi-liberal boot of Trudeau, women were trampled underfoot by horses and how the bank accounts of single parents were frozen so they could not pay for their children’s education and medicine, for utilities or make mortgage repayments.”

Keogan said that she had received correspondence from an Irish citizen named “Paráic” from Connemara who is living in Canada.

According to Keogan, this man is incapable of getting on any flight in Canada because he is unvaccinated.

The letter, as read out by Keogan, can be read below:

“I cannot board a plane in Canada to fly to Ireland because I am not vaccinated. The Government of Canada has set a mandate that states that no unvaccinated person shall board a plane, train or bus, whether to travel domestically or internationally. I believe it is the only country in the western world that has imposed this sanction on the unvaccinated population. Although I was able to be medically exempt from this by my doctor because of a PCR test, the parameters that the Canadian Federal Government set out to the no-travel rule does not allow me, and likely does not include most people. The Canadian Government has set the following terms as to what is not an emergency and urgent travel. These are: travel to visit family, attending weddings, funerals and attending to personal matters, such as buying a house, seeing or caring or sick family members, discretionary travel, such as for a vacation or recreation and situations where activity can be held virtually.”

Keogan said: “These are our citizens who are locked up in another country and who cannot travel back to their own native homes,” adding that this required “immediate intervention” Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney.

“…I ask the Acting Leader if we can count on him to combat these injustices on either side of the world,” she concluded.

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