Senator claims she is the target of an “ongoing hate campaign”

Senator Sharon Keogan has claimed that she was the target of an “ongoing hate campaign” after she was disallowed from presenting a minority report on the issue of surrogacy.

“Regarding a number of contributors yesterday and today on the surrogacy report, I can only say it is very clear I am the subject of an ongoing hate campaign,” said Keogan.

“The public will ultimately decide who the bullies were in this surrogacy meeting. You only have to look at the debate, the body language and the proposers of this one-sided, emotion-driven report to find the real bullies.”

As she was speaking, the Leas-Cathaoirleach attempted to cut Keogan off, saying she was out of time. However, throughout the engagement, Fine Gael Senator Mary Seery Kearney heckled Keogan, saying that her claims of a hate campaign were “falsehoods.”

“It is all right for Senator Seery Kearney to say what she wants but it is not okay for Senator Keogan,” Keogan said to the Leas-Chathaoirleach.

“That is not good enough.”
Keogan’s complaints were echoed by Senator Ronan Mullen, who said that Keogan’s treatment in the surrogacy proceedings was a “stain on our democracy.” He said the Senator was “bullied” and “cancelled,” likening the way the committee was conducted to “government by media.” He also criticised how Keogan was not allowed to present a minority report on the issue expressing a different view.

Do you agree that Keogan is the target of bullying? Comment your thoughts below.


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