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“SARS took place 18 years ago and we still don’t have a vaccine” – Boris on covid vaccine 

The British Prime Minister has warned that the speedy development of a covid-19 vaccine cannot be taken for granted. 

Boris Johnson told the British parliament on Monday that while there were “hopeful signs” that a vaccine would be developed, he warned that it could not be taken for granted.

“There are some very hopeful signs not least from the Oxford AstraZeneca trials that are being conducted but…SARS took place 18 years ago, we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS,” he told the House.

Britain imposed a three-tiered system of restrictions on parts of England as the number of Covid-19 cases continued to grow.

“We must act to save lives,” Johnson said, adding that he understood the frustrations of those chaffing at the “repressions of liberty”.

“If we let the virus rip, then the bleak mathematics dictate that we would suffer not only an intolerable death toll from COVID, but we would put such a huge strain on our NHS with an uncontrolled second spike that our doctors and nurses would simply be unable to devote themselves to other treatments, ” he told Parliament.

However, the hospitality sector says it is being wiped out by the continued shutting of the pubs, and some are contemplating legal action over the moves, saying no evidence exists of pubs being a cause for covid spikes.

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