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Russian ambassador to Poland hit with paint at war memorial

The Russian ambassador to Poland has been pelted with red paint by a crowd of angry protestors.

Ambassador Sergey Andreev was met with a crowd of enraged Poles as he arrived at a cemetery in Warsaw. The cemetery was specifically for troops killed during World War 2 from historically Soviet countries. Andreev had reportedly intended to leave flowers at the memorial.

May 9th is traditionally Russia’s “Victory Day” over Nazi Germany, during which time parades and events are held by Russians to celebrate the Red Army’s triumph in the Second World War.

However, video footage has circulated of the ambassador being pelted with red paint the same colour as blood by the protestors as the crowd chanted “fascist.”

Police reportedly arrived following the incident to escort Andreev and his delegation away from the area.

According to Polish media outlet Radio Zet, Ukrainian journalist Iryna Zemlyana described the incident.

“We went to the ambassador, we ripped up packages of artificial blood, and this blood fell on the ambassador and his assistant. They left embarrassed when we shouted “fascists.” We did not let them lay flowers,” she said.

Poland, which is a NATO member, has disproportionately borne the brunt of much of Russia’s war in Ukraine. The Eastern bloc country has taken in over 3.1 million refugees since the conflict began – around 8.1% of their total population. Moreover, Russia has cut off Poland’s gas supply after the country refused to pay for energy in rubles.

As a result, tensions between the two countries have run extremely high since the start of the war.

However, Polish social media users generally appeared fearful that the action may lead to retaliation and “provoke” a Russian response.

“She and the like are a real threat to the security of Poland through their stupid provocations,” said one user.

“We welcomed 3 million Ukrainians with good hearts and one idiot repays us with such a provocation,” said another.

“Therefore, she should be immediately expelled. If she is so militant, she should support those fighting in Ukraine.”

“A beautiful provocation,” said one.

“This woman should end up in custody. I am writing this as a staunch opponent of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, lest someone start calling me names.”

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