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WATCH: Massive protests worldwide against vaccine pass & lockdowns

Protests against the introduction of Covid-19 passports and continued lockdown restrictions were seen in Australia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.

Opposition to lockdowns and Covid-19 vaccine passports continues to grow, as several Australian cities remain in tight lockdown, and most European countries introduce vaccine passports for travel, with some even using them for access to indoor venues and dining.

In what are increasingly being described by activists as discriminatory, coercive laws, the World Freedom Alliance called for a global day of protests against the measures.

Demonstrators in London sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” as they gathered to oppose a plan to introduce vaccine passports in many venues, including football stadiums, nightclubs and cinemas.

Over 275 protests reportedly took place in Italian and French cities, with French citizens expressing disgust at Prime Minister Macron’s plans to require vaccine passports for a range of indoor venues, or face six months in jail for failing to comply:

Japanese protestors also gathered in Tokyo to show their opposition to the country’s Covid-19 measures:

Protestors in Sydney chanted “Freedom” as politicians there plan a four-week extension of the stay-at-home orders:

Meanwhile more protests were taking place in Melbourne and Brisbane against the restrictions:

Greece, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and Ireland all had demonstrations against vaccine passports too:

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