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Professor in ‘men having babies’ shocker

The following is a cliché, but it is worth repeating because it happens to catch the essence of how basically nonsensical propositions come to be accepted as truths. If you repeat something often enough – even an evident absurdity or a lie – that it can come to be accepted without question.

That statement has variously been attributed to totalitarian monsters including Goebbels and Lenin, but while they among others may have made it into an instrument of power, it can be found in various forms and in many different world literatures dating back to before their time.

So it has come to pass that even an eminent psychiatrist, Professor Anthony McCarthy of the National Maternity Hospital, could state before an Oireachtas Committee meeting on peri-natal mental health that “We have men coming in to have babies.”


Now, had Professor McCarthy made such a declaration in public even 30 years ago, maybe even 15 years ago, someone might well have checked his desk for a bottle of gin or recommended that he drop in for a chat with one of his peers.

For, if there is one thing that we do know, it is that men cannot have babies. At least not in the sense that is generally understood, that biological men can rock up to Holles Street and deliver themselves of a child. Not even James Joyce in his Oxen of the Sun episode set in that esteemed hospital might have thrown that in. Worse than that, Joyce had the reactionary audacity to describe pregnancy as the “woman hour.” Remove this monstrosity from the library forthwith.

Lest I be accused of taking Professor McCarthy’s comment out of context, you can judge the statement for yourselves above. He is obviously referring to women who have decided for whatever reason that they feel that they are now a male but have all the biological attributes of a woman, who are pregnant and who come to Holles Street to give birth.

They are pregnant women who are there to give birth. They are not men. So why pretend otherwise?

Even the extremists of the United States Democratic Party have not yet officially decided that men can become pregnant. Rather, as part of their budgetary proposals of all things, they have replaced references to mothers with the chilling dystopian descriptive of “birthing persons.” Inquiries made in the United States regarding how many transgender pregnancies and births have been recorded elicited no actual statistics. For practical purposes, hospitals there were until recently at least recorded pregnant “men” as females.

While some sources confidently state that, yes, “It’s possible for men to become pregnant,” the reasons provided for this actually conclude with what we already know. Which is that, no, it is not possible for biological males to become pregnant.

A more sober authority Medical News Today bluntly states this as a fact: “A person who was born male and is living as a man cannot get pregnant.” They do, in fairness, hold out the prospect that in some Huxleyian science fiction scenario that men might acquire this gift of nature, but not as yet. Why, anyone would think this is even a worthy research objective is another matter.

Sometimes it is best to rely on blunt common sense responses to the question posed:



The question to be posed to Professor McCarthy and others then, is why do clearly competent and trusted medical people who have trained for years to be entrusted with the positions they hold, go along with ideological gobbledygook that was invented by political extremists?

Why does he feel the need to state on the record that “we have men coming in to have babies”? Holles Street does not have men coming in to have babies and will never have men coming in to have babies. It’s better to rely on medical facts – or to follow the science as the Covid messaging told us.

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