Prof John Crown says he’ll take minutes for Emergency meetings to ensure transparency

A leading medical expert has said he would take minutes at the next meeting of the National Public Health Emergency Team to help with transparency, after the Chief Medical Officer said the delay in publishing minutes was “just a work-load issue”. 

Dr John Crown’s tongue-in-cheek tweet was in response to a statement by  Dr Tony Holohan who said a delay in publishing minutes from the National Public Health Emergency Team’s meetings was “just a work load issue”.

According to RTE’s Fergal Bowers, the NPHET is “not resiling from it’s commitment to transparency”, but publishing the minutes is a “huge job”.

“I will gladly volunteer to attend the next meeting as a minute taker. I will do it it for free. I even promise to be quiet,” tweeted Prof Crown.


Dr John Crown’s response comes amid increased calls for transparency into decision-making by the Department of Health, in particular after errors made in relation to how nursing homes were provided for have led to devastating numbers of deaths.

In New Zealand, public meetings of the Epidemic Response Committee are live-streamed.

Prof Crown had plenty of support for his suggestion: including an offer to help type up the minutes.


While one woman said “transparency is everything”.

Well done John, transparency is everything so we all know where we stand.


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